The exact whereabouts of the sacked Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, has become a major talking point in intelligence circles in The Gambia. A law enforcement source, who spoke to this medium said Sonko, was briefly missing from the public view shortly after his weekend unceremonious sacking—hence leading to speculations that Sonko must have been abducted or has absconded from the jurisdiction of The Gambia.

It turned out that Sonko hasn’t left the country. He is also not under state custody. He is still in the country, contrary to speculations that the former Minister might have been on the run.

According to sources, Mr. Sonko. headed to his second home after receiving his sacking letter on Friday. He was followed by a team of intelligence surveillance officers. He was denied access to his office to pickup his belongings after he was fired. 

Mr. Sonko’s personal cellular phone is currently switched off. Sources said the erstwhile Interior Minister is safe and sound. Our source will not elaborate further about Sonko’s move to avoid the public view. But the same source said Sonko hasn’t absconded.

Mr. Sonko was sacked on Friday, and replaced by an officer MA Bah, who was onetime jailed for twenty five years on coup related charges. Mr. Bah is from Kombo Lamin. In Lamin, MA Bah, is widely known as “Barru.” He is a neighbor to the sacked former Minister.

The NIA has been waiting on dictator Yahya Jammeh to give them directives. Agency sources said Sonko might likely be picked up or reassign to other institutions to be determined by Jammeh. For now, Sonko is lying low. He is avoiding direct contact with the public.

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