Pa! That was what i sent you. 

1) i never said/wrote that i have highly placed sources in the government and that i could not get info.

For the record i have neither low nor highly placed sources in the government 

i asked because you claim to know so much and too much. 

2) Sajo Jallow is Not a Swedish citizen

3) Dumo was arrested during Sajo’s tenure as Minister of information, communication and works. Sajo was Not appointed after Dumo’s arrest

4) What made Sajo a snitch? What did Sajo tell Yaya Jammeh about Moja members or Dumao Sarho for that matter? Why would Yaya Jammeh be even interested about Moja when he was in a Moja cell at one time

5) Who told you i am a personal friend of Yaya Jammeh?  Where did you get that from?

6) My daughter is 10 years old. Who told you Yaya was going to sponsor her.

7) i was selected by the Stockholm Diaspora Group to represent us in Cordeg. i never went their just for wanting to associate with them. My relationship with Cordeg and being called a spy i left with ALLAH SWT…..the rest is history today as ALLH SWT has vindicated me.

8) Ntcg…the same …it was Ndey Jobarteh who spoke with Yanks Dabo to ask me to join them. Ndey also advised me that they need some females withing their ranks. i have a lot of respect for those that i worked with briefly in Ntcg and i am not ashamed of my connection to them.

9) i choosed Udp as the party i want to support. instead of just writing and talking i decided i want to walk an extra mile on a political platform. As a citizen i have the right to try different political options that i believe will bring the desired change.  

10) i did not stab you in your back when i forwarded you the appeal letter that was sent to the other  Newspapers. You have to stop being so vindictive and take some responsibility at some point for your utterances! When Sajo was appointed deputy foreign minister (an appointment he never took) you allocated a good part of your show bashing him and me filling people’s minds with malice and suspicion. i requested for the soundbite but it is yet to come.You said it yourself that Sajo refused to assist you when you wanted to be a Voa correspondence. You have been very upset/angry and rightly so if that is what happened. We have not heard Sajo’s side. But after all these years, and being where you are today, a very fulfilled and successful news guy, why the vengeance? Be  happy and content, and if you can, please pray for Sajo! 

11) You said you have saved the lives of Gambians at times, i would urge you to retract that statement. That is a very outrageous statement!!! Pa, it is Only ALLAH SWT who gives life and takes life. HE Tabaaraka wa ta’aala saves lives. Say, you may have been used as an instrument of ALLAH to save a life but you did not and cannot do that on your own.

12) On the Ngum family, i have never uttered a single malice against them. If you have listened to my interview with Fatu Camara what i said when asked about the sister’s appointment was it is good for them. They too may feel their parents worked hard for them to get blessings in the form of promotions according to our Gambian beliefs. Even when Sajo married in their family i never said any ill word to them. 

13) You have to stop the insults! You have a better vocabulary. Only mental midgets resort to hauling invectives when they cannot express themselves. i expect better from you!  i am waiting for your invitation to come and set the records straight, as you promised me some time ago. i would also urge you to dedicate Fridays to Recitations from the Holy Qur’an and Sundays for Church services if you can! We are spiritual beings Pa, and i am yet to see that part of you coming forth. 

There are other things i would like to take up with you, but that can wait until we have a one on one. i am seizing the liberty to send a copy of this email to Seedy Ceesay for the records as well as the email i sent you asking for your help. i have no hidden agenda and i have nothing, absolutely nothing against you. 

May ALLAH continue to guide our hearts and tongues to telling the Truth! Aaameeen Ya Rabb!

Best wishes/Jai

Editors note: Thanks sister Jainaba Bah for setting the record straight; to borrow your expression. Your rejoinder has helped us to have a better understanding of issues. We appreciate your bold move to point out some of our reportage that you deemed to be inaccurate.

Keep in mind that you spoke to me on the phone last week. You mentioned so many things on the phone. We will let sleeping dogs lie. Since you have taken the initiative or decision to disavow some of the things you mentioned on the phone, we will let it go. By the way, how many kids do you have? Why naming your ten your old daughter in this write up? 

Glad to know that you were recruited into joining Sidia Bayo’s NTCG group. Bayo’s mission at the time was to overthrow the Jammeh regime through forceful means. The same Bayo is still determined to take on the dictatorship militarily. What happens  to privacy? Ndey Jobarteh is among the surrogates of Dr. Isatou Touray, who is seeking to be elected as a President. Hope your statement on Ndey’s affiliation with Bayo, is not going to put Ndey in a compromising position? How about Dr. Touray? Just asking…

Glad that you also confirmed our reportage that your humble self, your husband Sarjo Jallow and Yahya Jammeh were part of a MOJA clandestine cell. Glad that you also confirmed making a request to this Editor to help you investigate the whereabouts of your husband. Sad that you turn around and accuse the same Editor of being responsible for Sarjo’s predicament. 

It is also important to note that when you appeared in one of our radio programs some months ago, you revealed live on air about a private message confided to you by your husband Sarjo Jallow, in regards to what Sarjo allegedly told you: “Pa Nderry’s” inaccurate reporting. Keep in mind that government officials in The Gambia, are not at liberty to discuss official matters even with their spouses. Imagine, Sarjo’s wife quoting her husband live on radio that’s monitored by the NIA, on an alleged journalistic reporting style of an Editor, Sarjo disagrees with? 

Assuming that Sarjo, has registered his reservations about Pa Nderry’s reporting with you privately, we do not think it is morally right or appropriate to share such a confidential information on air. Again, you have exposed your husband to the world, without knowing the ramifications of your conduct. Be mindful about the way you go about sharing information. I do not think you were malicious, by making such private conversation you had with Sarjo public, but you need to exercise caution when quoting people. 

For the record, I do not harbor any grudges against Sarjo Jallow as falsely implied in your write up. Even though he could not accredit me as a VOA, reporter, I still maintained my employment with the VOA. I worked for the VOA, until my departure from The Gambia about a decade ago. The VOA was satisfied with my journalistic work despite Sarjo’s non accreditation of  Mr. M’Bai as their Banjul Stringer. 

Sister Jainaba, we applaud you for your steadfastness in demanding for Sarjo’s release. We also expect the same advocacy in the case of Ousainou Darboe, and co, since you have identified yourself as a UDP supporter. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Thanks for speaking your mind.

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