Every election year, Gambians are faced with the difficult choice of choosing  a President who many people do not trust and hate to love, or to select one of the disunited opposition leaders who lacks so much credibility that many would regrettably love to hate them. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize the difference between an arrogant dictator determined to perpetuate himself into power by all means necessary, and a weak fragmented cartel of opposition parties still refusing to heed the lessons of past election failures. Outvoting Yaya Jammeh in the December elections provides the impetus to unite the opposition towards a common objective.

adama-and-isoWhatever their general proclivities, the opposition parties should not fight each other. They must stand shoulder to shoulder to take back our country from the clutches of dictatorship. It is important to remember that all what Yaya Jammeh wants is to rule this country forever and how he wants to do that is to turn us against one another so that he can continue to exploit our divisions. We must reject all calls to divide our country between jolas and fulas, wolof and mandingos, serehules and manjagos, akus and aku-marabouts as well as between Muslims and Christians. We are stronger when we stand united with a national identity.

Uniting against Yaya Jammeh in the polls is not only a necessity but it is the only choice we have to bring freedom, peace and development to all and not just for those who support the APRC. Uniting against Yaya Jammeh would bring freedom to those men and women illegally imprisoned because of their political beliefs. Uniting against Yaya Jammeh would root out the cancer of corruption that is so pervasive in our society today from the head of state to the ticket sellers at the markets. Uniting against Jammeh would avert any move to bring Islamic rule which can only divide our country between Muslims and non-Muslims. Uniting against Yaya Jammeh would stop the treatment of women as second class citizens especially under Shari’a law which requires Christians to master the teachings of the Quran despite being bound by our faiths and equal in dignity in the eyes of God.

Gambians have endured enough hardships to allow another five years of despotic rule which failed to provide us with all the essential requirements of a civilized society. That is why it is important for members of the opposition to rally behind one candidate to oust Yaya Jammeh in the coming elections. Many Gambians would be delighted to applaud a woman president in 2016. The right candidate among the opposition to break the glass ceiling for every Gambian including women and the youths is Dr. Isatou Touray. National interest should take precedence over political and ideological differences.

God Bless the Gambia!

Written By A Concerned Gambian.

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