Following her husband’s unceremonious dismissal, NIA officer Amie Ndong, has taken two days leave from work to nurse her shock, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Amie Ndong works at the Brikama Governor’s office. She is the NIA attache there.  She used to head a Unit at the NIA headquarters few months ago. But as soon as Jammeh hatched a plot to have Sonko, and co dismissed and possibly arrest them on frivolous charges, the manipulative dictator decided to move Amie Ndong to Brikama, where she serves as the NIA Liaison officer.

At the NIA headquarters, plans are afoot to have Amie Ndong transferred to Banjulnding, while Sonko’s fate is being discussed in Kanilai. The decision to transfer Amie Ndong, to Banjulnding, has been delayed for now due to an intervention made in some quarters within the Agency for Amie not to be transferred.

Banjulnding is not a station that Amie Ndong wants to be posted. She will be hanging out at the station’s counter with the officers on duty. That’s the last thing Amie Ndong would “wanna do.”

The next person lined up to be removed from the NIA is Yankuba Badjie. Someone has been groomed to replace Yanks. Jammeh is delaying the replacement of Yanks because of General Badjie. Gen. Badjie doesn’t want Yankuba replaced at this time.

Once Yanks is replaced, General Badjie will be out of the loop in terms of intelligence gathering and sharing. Jammeh is working very hard to have Yanks replaced.

MA Bah was spotted in Kanilai during the weekend. He has promised to help Jammeh to have the Badjie’s purged from the regime. MA Bah is being used for a dirty fight.

In the meantime, Gen. Badjie has allocated some deadly weapons to forces under his command. These are sophisticated arms. Gen. Badjie is going to determine when the said forces should strike. In other words, Gen. Badjie is going to decide when the arms should be used during combat situation or operational mission. 

Gambia, there are so many things happening within the State House. That’s why Jammeh is afraid to attend the UN General Assembly Summit. He has delegated Isatou Njie Saidy, and co to deputize him at the Summit.

There is a looming threat hanging on his head. He is aware of the situation. The soldiers and officers are beginning to understand his divisive tactics. It is a question of  when sounds of gunshots would be heard in Kanilai and the State House. Jammeh cannot manage the crisis at his own backyard. It is unmanageable. 

General Badjie, Umpa Mendy, Yankuba Badjie, and CDS Ousman Badjie, have been rented. Rented is an intelligence terminology. We live it at that…

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