A heavy shootout has been reported at the Kampfenda security post in the Fonis, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The incident occurred last night. Kampfenda is situated at the Kanilai junction, when travelling to Jarra Soma. The camp came under heavy attack last night, according to sources.

A top State House source, who reached us, said he has received scanty information about the Kampfenda security base, which came under attack last night. The source said there is no immediate information available in regards to number of causalities at this hour. 

The Kampfenda security base is mainly manned by soldiers, policemen, Immigration, and some personnel of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Sources said some armed men stormed the base last night. A shootout then ensued between the attackers and the security personnel occupying the base.

Meanwhile, a team of investigators from the NIA, and military intelligence, have visited the scene of the attack. The attack took place not far from Jammeh’s home villa Kanilai. Kampfenda is not far from Kanilai.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. The attackers are at large at this hour.

As reported by this medium last night, there is growing tensions at the State House and Kanilai. Dictator Jammeh has been confronted with a major security threat. Jammeh’s backyard is not the least safe. 

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