Gambia: Breaking News: The Great Escape: How Gambia’s Sacked Interior Minister Ousman Sonko Made It To Senegal; Then Sweden?


The Jammeh dictatorship has suffered its biggest dent since coming to power in July of 1994—with one of  the dictator’s former closest aides absconding with a wealth of state secrets. The sacked Gambian Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, suddenly escaped overnight travelling via Senegal, where he boarded his flight to Sweden, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Sonko, who traveled with his “SERVICE PASSPORT” to Sweden, was aided to escape by the handful of the remaining Jammeh loyalists in the military, including some unnamed outside parties.   

SONKO BUSTEDThis medium had earlier reported about the possibilities of Sonko using the coastal fishing village of Brufut, as his escape route, if he wants to escape from the dictator’s nets. It turns out that Mr. Sonko, was planning his safe departure from the shores of Banjul.

On the night of his escape, a Gambian resident in Senegal, told this medium that he was informed about the presence of Sonko in the French speaking nation,  by a senior Senegalese intelligence officer. We were bit apprehensive of the report we received from our source. 

Due to lack of independent sources to confirm our source’s info, we decided not to pursue the story. On the whole our source was 100 percent right about the escape of Ousman Sonko.

sos-sonkoPrior to the Swedish papers reporting about Sonko’s presence in their country, a source in The Gambia, had also informed us that the NIA and the Operation Bulldozer unit were tasked to oversee Sonko’s arrest and possible indictment. Little did the dictator knows that he has lost control of the country. The people he entrusts to oversee Gambia’s national security, have been rented. They are no longer  loyal to him. They are serving Gambian interest now not Jammeh’s interest, said our source.

This is how Ousman Sonko escaped: Sonko, got fired on Friday; he then went to his second house in Busurra, to see his first wife. Busurra, is right behind Dimbaya, not far from the Casamance/Gambia border.

After his safe arrival in Busurra, Sonko, was advised to leave The Gambia, as soon as possible. He sneaked through the porous borders and made it to Mbour, where he owns a house. His brother Sidath Sonko, the former “Chef De Gaage” in Bigona (pronounced as Binjona) has been overseeing his Mbour home. Sonko briefly spent time with his family in Mbour, before boarding a flight to Sweden.

Mr. Sonko travelled with a huge amount of foreign cash. He has long been planning for his safe exit route, one intelligence source told the Freedom Newspaper.

Meanwhile, the NIA, and the military intelligence are somehow dumbfounded by Sonko’s apparent escape. The two intelligence units have since contacted Sonko’s family asking them to provide information about Sonko’s escape. Mr. Sonko’s second wife Amie Ndong, is a senior operative of the NIA. She works at the Brikama Governor’s office, as the NIA Liaison officer.

Hours before Sonko’s escape, Ms. Ndong applied for two day sick leave from work. Her husband absconded and left her behind. She is still in the country. Sources said the NIA is likely to interview Ms. Ndong about Sonko’s escape.

Upon his arrival in Sweden, Ousman Sonko, has asked for protection from the Swedish government. He wants Sweden to grant him political asylum. He is claiming that if he is forcefully deported to The Gambia, he risked being harmed by dictator Jammeh, who he enabled for over twenty two years. Mr. Sonko has been complicit in the murder of the late respected Gambian journalist Deyda Hydara, and a host of other state organized crimes. Mr. Sonko is also privy to dictator Yahya Jammeh’s drug trafficking, money laundering, Jammeh’s affiliation with the  Hezbollah financiers in Banjul, and the destabilization of the Casamance region through the arming of the MFDC rebels.  

Mr. Sonko is an intelligence goldmine for the West. If quizzed, Sonko will reveal certain information that will warrant nations like the US, England, and Sweden, to take Gambia’s case seriously.

According to sources, Mr. Sonko and his peers in the Jammeh regime, recently decided to switch their allegiance to the Kanilai born dictator. Mr. Sonko had a conversation with a foreign security agent, who advised him to consider jumping ship before the imminent fall of Jammeh, said our source. For some reasons, the foreign security agent confided to a member of The Gambian struggle, based in the UK, who is widely considered to be an information risk, about the private conversation he had with Sonko during a meeting in Switzerland, our source added. To the foreign agent’s chagrin, information later surfaced online that Mr. Sonko was planning to run.

It has been gathered that Mr. Sonko is currently being interviewed by the western intelligence community. For Sonko, to be granted temporal safe haven in Sweden, he must open up to his prior knowledge about the regime, that he aided and abetted for twenty two years, our source said.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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