Two soldiers assigned to the Yundum garrison, were arrested last night around the vicinity of the Senegambia beach hotel after the personnel of the police intervention unit (PIU), who were on a roadblock conducted a search on the vehicle they were travelling with and found some amount of an unspecified arms and ammunition, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The two arrested soldiers were identified just by their last names: Soldier Jammeh and Silva, both of whom were implicated in an impending plot allegedly hatched by some State Guard, Fajara barracks, Yundum, the Kanilai garrison, other battalions across the country, including some soldiers who reportedly went on an AWOL (absent without leave) and are residing in a neighboring country, to overthrow the regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh.  General Saul Badjie’s name, including some close Jammeh aides came up when the two arrested soldiers were interrogated by the police.

saul-badjieStatements were obtained from the two detained soldiers, who confessed that they have co-conspirators both within and outside the country. The soldiers went onto explain in their statements to the police that General Badjie was aware of their activities and vowed that they will rather tell the truth than going down alone.

Officer Jammeh told the police that he was supposed to be the armorer of the secret cell operating in The Gambia. He also made an incriminating statements against people he alleged were behind the operation. Jammeh has also named the soldiers posted in different battalions allegedly associated with the plot. 

Both soldier Jammeh and Silva were later transferred to the NIA headquarters today. Plans are afoot to lure the collaborators of the two arrested soldiers residing overseas to cross to the Gambian border, and get them arrested. Plans are also being hatched to arrest soldiers in The Gambia associated with the detainees.

ma-bah-new-ministerAt the NIA level, the arrest of soldier Jammeh and Silva, is being made secret for fear of alerting the other alleged collaborators to flee. Reports also have it that the original statements obtained from the two soldiers by the police might be expunged since General’s Saul Badjie’s name came up in the police report.

At the NIA level, statements might be tampered with to conceal the names of the likes of General Badjie and co, our source said. General Badjie has been assigned by Jammeh to receive intelligence briefings on his behalf from the unskilled novice NIA DG Yankuba Badjie.

It is not clear if this is a conspiracy hatched by Jammeh to finally liquidate General Badjie and the officers he has long been planning to get rid of.   What’s evident though, both soldier Jammeh and Silva, have told the police that they were part of a conspiracy ring to overthrow the dictator ahead of the December polls. They also claimed in their statements that they had outside financial backers.

The entire police report appeared laughable. It is too early to dismiss the allegations in its entirety, but the truth shall prevail at the end of the day. The arrested soldiers have been speaking freely. They are now under the custody of Yankuba Badjie’s boys at the NIA. 

We reported last night that the coming of MA Bah will usher the inevitable fall of General Badjie and co. Now there is a battle between the police and the army and NIA. It would be difficult for General Badjie to survive this one. 

According to sources, there is a big confusion within the NIA and the State House. The arrested soldiers never hesitated to tell the police that they have been working under General Badjie’s command. The same sources said one of the reasons why the NIA is refusing to make public about the arrest of the duo is to manipulate evidence before dictator Jammeh is officially briefed. 

Now that the arrest of the two soldiers have been made public, there is likely going to be mass exodus of soldiers from the country. The NIA’s plan is to lure the other former soldiers at large to come to The Gambia, like they did in the failed December attack and get them arrested and possibly killed.  Watch out folks. The Badjies are up to no good! 

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