The Latri-Kunda Sabiji market, was set on fire last night by unknown arsonists, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The market has been completely gutted by the blaze, which has ravaged a significant amount of goods (merchandise). The arsonists are at large. Armed soldiers, policemen, and personnel of the police intervention unit (PIU) have sealed off the battered market. No one has so far taken responsibility for the arson attack.


The inferno started in the early hours of Friday morning. A source who reached us by phone said the arsonists targeted stalls belonging to petty traders. The market was burnt beyond recognition. 

The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council Yankuba Colley, was among the officials present at the site of the market blaze. Mr. Colley made a remark in the presence of onlookers and public officials that  he knew the people behind the arson attack, 

“I know that the Mandingkas are behind the burning of the market. If we catch them, we will deal with them mercilessly,” Mr. Colley alleged. The visibly fuming Mayor pointed accusing fingers against the Mandinka tribe for being responsible of the blaze. Many at the scene of the balze were taken aback by Colley’s wild accusations against the nation’s majority tribe.  

Mr. Colley’s irresponsible and bigotry accusations against the Mandinkas will no doubt show seeds of discord in the country. How dare can Colley conclude that the Mandinkas are behind the arson attack without providing compelling evidence to substantiate his allegations. Absurd, right? Mr. Colley’s conduct in the wake of the Latri-Kunda market arson attack is reprehensible. 

The Latri-Kunda Sabiji road leading to Brikama, has been blocked by armed soldiers. Traffic has been brought to complete halt. Early morning motorists have been rendered stranded on the road due to the roadblock mounted by the soldiers. 

A team of investigators from the NIA, police and military intelligence have started gathering bit and pieces about the people behind the arson attack.  A source close to the State House told the Freedom Newspaper that no arrest has been made so far since the market was set ablaze.

There has been a spate of arson attacks in recent times targeting markets, petrol stations, and the ruling APRC bureau. The police is yet to charge anyone for any of the said attacks.

The burning of the Latri-Kunda Sabiji market, occurred in the wake of the appointment of MA Bah, as the new Interior Minister. Mr. Bah’s predecessor Ousman Sonko, who was sacked last week, has  fled the country. Mr. Sonko arrived in Sweden earlier this week. Mr. Sonko has asked for protection from the Swedish government.  

In another development, this medium has been briefed about a major story unfolding at this hour in Banjul. Our sources are gathering the bit and pieces and will get back to us later today. It is a huge story, which is likely going to shake the Jammeh State House. Stay tuned. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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