If you think the morally depraved regime of Jammeh could not get any lower in the gutter, think again. As this year’s Hajj to mecca has ended, and all Gambian Hajjis have returned home, it is emerging that the Hajj committee, in collaboration with GIA officials, and the Gambia embassy, did not purchase the Islamic development Bank offered Ram coupons, but used the over one Million Dollars fund to pay their salaries and per diems.

This is how the wicked prank was played on innocent Gambian pilgrims: In helping pilgrims fulfill their religious duty of making animal sacrifice during hajj, the Islamic development bank bulk buys animals and resell them to pilgrims through the issuance of coupons. Then in the name of the pilgrims, the bank slaughters the animals, process them, and later send the meat as SADAKA to the needy in Muslim countries including the Gambia. This year’s Islamic development bank coupon for a Ram sells between 400-460 Saudi Riyals, ($106-$122 US) 

This amount is normally included in the money paid to  GIA as cost of the Hajj. When they arrive in Mecca, the officials would take out this portion from the hajj package and buy Ram coupons. It is a religious requirement that the slaughter must be done within the 3 days of EID AL ADHA (TOBASKI); and Islamic development bank ensures that this is done on behalf each pilgrim. 

However, for reasons best known to the Gambian Hajj officials, they allegedly waited until after the 3 day limit, when they took the money to the Islamic bank. The Bank, always eager to follow sharia and Sunnah, informed them that the period for animal sacrifice in regard to the hajj has passed and cannot accept their money for that purpose. 

The very compliant Gambian Islamic scholars within the hajj organization have decreed (Fatwa) that the Gambian pilgrim’s Hajj is valid, but remain quite on the issue of up to 400 riyals paid by each pilgrim to GIA. With over 1000 Gambian Hajjis, the officials are poised to help themselves with the more than one million dollars of Gambian pilgrims’ money. This is indeed the lowest limit of depravity. A grave sin of the most atrocious kind. They must return the money to the pilgrims or show verified coupon copies.

Written By A Freedom Newspaper Informant Banjul 

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