The death of Army corporal Pa Sallah, has been announced.  Mr. Sallah is a native of Kombo Brikama. He used to be a member of The Gambia Army band. He was laid to rest at his home town Brikama.

afinjangPrior to joining the army, Mr. Sallah was a member of the young Jaliba band. The said band is associated with the Kora star Jaliiba Kuyateh. Major Dibba of the Army band encouraged Mr. Sallah to join his unit. That’s how he joined the army.

During his stint at the Army band, Mr. Sallah had an excellent working relationship with his colleagues. Although at some point of his military career, he couldn’t get along with one of his bosses Saikou Kujabi, Aka Afinjang. His problems with Afinjang largely centered on a girl issue. Afinjang wanted to date Pa’s girlfriend, but Pa’s girlfriend refused to entertain Afinjang’s endless sexual advances. Pa Sallah,  had a child with the said girl.

On numerous occasions, Afinjang has reprimanded the late Pa Sallah just because he couldn’t succeed in dating his girlfriend. He even used to lock him in the cell.

It would be recalled that Pa Sallah was recommended by Major Dibba and co to be part of a contingent of soldiers deployed to Darfur. The norm at the Gambia Armed Forces is that soldiers deployed on peacekeeping should be giving money to the officers who assisted them to be part of the contingent upon their return home. For some reasons, upon return from his Darfur mission, Pa Sallah never gave money to his immediate boss Saikou Kujabi.  Afinjang felt that Pa should give him some money upon his return even though he was never nice to the late Pa Sallah. Mr. Kujabi, became mad at Pa.

The late Pa Sallah was diagnosed with ulcer. He was neglected by his bosses while he was sick. He was never given the necessary medical support he needed from his command. He also never enjoyed sick leave. He was always denied one when the doctor recommended an excuse duty for him. Afinjang has repeatedly used his position to refuse him ED. Mr. Sallah subsequently succumbed to his illness. He died.

His wife is related to the wife of the former CDS Masanneh Kinteh.  May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.  

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