Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, once again to the ordinary Gambian everything looks normal but there is constant tension at the State House and Kanilai. Monster Jammeh does not trust the security and the security also don’t trust dictator Jammeh. Even military vehicles are now searched at every checkpoint that is how tense the country is. DCC can report to you that monster Jammeh is a prisoner even in his own backyard. In the past whilst dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai, he will be in the bush abusing his power and taking farmers land and obstructing their farming season. Dictator Jammeh has been in Kanilai for almost two weeks but he has not ventured in the woods at all, he is a prisoner within himself. He cannot go anywhere, there is threat everywhere. He stays all night long and sleeps only during the day. He continues to abuse and seduce young Gambian girls especially those who are related to him. But DCC can assure Gambians that dictator Jammeh is a prisoner even in Kanilai. Last week, devil Zeinab, had to force him to visit the animals in Kanilai and it was a short trip.

JAMMEH IS SICKFellow Gambians, as reported before, DCC has changed its tactic and we will lay low and occasionally report to the Gambians. But there are few brave and great Gambians, who are working hard to make sure that monster Jammeh is finished once and for all. Fellow Gambians, if you have a family member, who is prominent and a member of any opposition party or even a key loyalist to APRC, please tell them to be vigilant and careful. According to DCC NIA agent, Yankuba Badjie and a high delegation including Lamin Manga just returned from Russia. DCC is warning Gambians that Yankuba Badjie and company are up to no good, whenever they go to Russia, they bring poison which is used to silence people. Dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai and he is listing people who need to be eliminated and most of the time they will use poison. So Yankuba Badjie DCC knows everything that you are doing, one day you will face justice. You are using the delegation as a cover up so that you can collect poison to kill Gambians. The APRC cartel under the leadership of dictator Jammeh is falling apart so a plan has been orchestrated to even silence the people who are trying to defect. Monster Jammeh has already given the directive and top APRC loyalists will be arrested and possibly killed if they are suspected of defection. Dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai with more than 20 spiritual advisers. Whilst in Kanilai, he is also recruiting a number of foreigners to be added to his top security apparatus. He does not trust the Gambian military. A lot of top opposition loyalists and members will be “ARRESTED” soon. Dictator Jammeh has issued directives to eliminate key members around the opposition leaders, make them disappear, jail or even kill them so that the rest will be afraid. This directive has been issued and they will be executed soon. DCC is warning all the opposition to be vigilant, surround yourselves with people you only know, don’t even entertain people who just defected from the APRC party.

According to the DCC GPA agent a dozen of containers have arrived at the ports and they are all full of APRC T-SHIRTS. Monster Jammeh is going to force everyone to wear these shirts EVERY DAY, even the military will wear these shirts every day. The shirts are currently being treated with spiritual water in Kanilai. Monster Jammeh DCC knows everything you are doing in Kanilai. DCC can also confirm that everything that Pa Nderry Mbai, has reported on this paper about the recent arson and attack is true. My boss, you are correct that there was an incident and an attack at the Kamfenda junction. Like we said, things look calm but it’s not. Without going into the details the sentry men at the Kamfenda junction were attacked around 4 o’ clock in the morning, there was exchange of fire and the attackers ran into the bush. The residents of FONI were shocked when they heard the gunshots and they are now afraid to go deep into the woods. For over three months now, dictator Jammeh has been receiving daily flash reports that there are rebels in the country. Monster Jammeh knows this and he is blaming the security for all the lapses and how come they cannot arrest the arsonists. But monster Jammeh knows that it’s over and like DCC has reported here before, before or during the election he will create chaos, fighting and will attempt to secede Foni into Cassamance. Monster Jammeh is planning to take down everyone who has enjoyed during his reign. Right now his biggest headache is Saul Badjie. He will attempt to arrest him very soon but he is not sure how to do it. He cannot touch Saul without touching Yankuba Badjie and the Badjie’s have a lot of people on their payroll and they are also on a lot of people’s payroll. Going back to the arsonist and Kanfenda attack, these are special people who don’t care about position but care about the restoration of democracy and freedom in the Gambia, TIME WILL TELL.

On the story of the terminator Ousman Sonko, DCC is compiling a genuine report and will share with Gambians later. But this is a reminder to those people who think that they are close to dictator Jammeh to not trust monster Jammeh. As soon as monster Jammeh smells that you are tainted he will distance himself from you. As many Gambians know by now, once Ousman Sonko was denied American visa for the UN Assembly meeting dictator Jammeh reacted by firing Sonko and attempted to distance himself from Sonko. Both Sonko and dictator Jammeh know the game very well and once again DCC will report about this game very soon. But Sherrif Bojang, VP Isatou Njie Saidy, Mama Singhateh and others should be very worried because the travel ban that just happened to Sonko will be extended to everyone working for dictator Jammeh. The EU sanction that is coming will affect them and their families as well. DCC is warning the new minister of interior to leave the country, MA BAH this is dictator Jammeh at his best. DCC is privy to a lot but we will share this with you. Do you know that monster Jammeh has a list of all the compounds you have, he knows that you were not poor before enrolling in the army. Monster Jammeh knows how much you are worth and he will soon accuse you of something and will take all your properties. MA BAH watch out, you will be arrested SOON.   

For the APRC UK branch, DCC knows you a lot. Foday Chorr and Kuru do you want to deny both of you used to follow the late Baba Jobe and you think monster Jammeh does not know this. Do you want to deny that you are very close to the terminator Ousman Sonko? DCC is privy to a lot, DCC agents from Lamin have delivered a full report on you. You are entitled to support anyone you want to, but DCC will not allow you to come and lie on the newspapers. DCC agents at the daily observer have Mr. Chorr file, Foday were you not a so call editor who did not know how to spell even your own name, was it not Baba Jobe who helped you get that position and who killed Baba Jobe, is it not monster Jammeh?

On a last note, DCC is warning the IEC chairman Alieu M Njie that we know everything that is happening. You have received instructions from monster Jammeh, you need to abscond and reveal what instructions you received. Very soon you will receive bribe money. Mr. Njie do you want to deny that you have received clear executive instruction and “WARNING “that the APRC party must win the election by “FORCE? To all APRC supporters and loyalists, the end is here and you have to make a decision to abscond or defect or once monster Jammeh is finished you will be made to march holding the banner that will read “ shame on me, I was a member who was greedy and was just doing my job”.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier 

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