The appointment of Army Major Musa Jammeh, as the new Gambia Armed Forces Finance Director is causing a growing resentment among Gambian soldiers, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Major Jammeh’s honesty, credibility and past record in managing GAF’s finances have been questioned by his peers. Hence, many at GAF believe that Mr. Jammeh will not adequately serve the interest of the men and women of the armed forces.

Both Major Musa Jammeh and his predecessor MA Bah, who is now Gambia’s Interior Minister were implicated in the handling of the GAF credit union funds. Millions of dalasi belonging to the army were reportedly embezzled by top brass of the army, including Bah and Jammeh. General Saul Badjie has also been implicated in the GAF Credit Union funds embezzlement. 

GAF sources told the Freedom Newspaper that Major Jammeh was recommended by the Deputy Chief Defense Staff Yankuba Drammeh to succeed MA Bah. GAF sources said the soldiers’ choice for Finance  Director was one army officer, who goes with the nickname “Yellowman.” But due to the bureaucratic red tape at the army, characterized by massive corruption, Yellowman, was never avail with the opportunity to replace MA Bah. Yellowman is more qualified than Major Jammeh, our source said. 

Major Musa Jammeh graduated from Nusrat High School. He later enlisted to join the army, where he was commissioned as an officer. Jammeh used to be the Captain GAF football team, before he was moved to the GAF headquarters in Banjul.

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