Ahead of the December, 1st Presidential elections, dictator Yahya Jammeh is relying heavily on his spiritual Godfathers to run the impoverished and unstable West African nation, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This past week, Jammeh sent one of his emissaries to rural Gambia to perform rituals for him.

A soldier, who goes with the street name Bafulo, was assigned by Jammeh to dig a hole at the Bansang market and bury the ritual for him. Bafulo is from Toubanding, a village not far from Bansang. He is in charge of Jammeh’s crocodile pond in Kanilai.

According to sources, while Bafulo, was digging a hole at the Bansang market, he was seen by a local colanut seller. Bafulo then asked the man to leave the market, sources said. He never entertain questions from the man; he merely asked him to go about his business and leave him alone.

After performing the necessary rituals as assigned to him by Jammeh, Bafulo then proceeded to the Bansang police station to see the Station officer. He was said to have briefed the S/O about his mission, before proceeding to Janjangbureh, where he performed similar rituals.

Bafulo, is a former member of the APRC Green, Green boys. He was later enlisted into the army. He is said to be spiritually gifted. He manages Jammeh’s crocodile pool and snake house in Kanilai. His room is next to the crocodile pond in Kanilai. This is the pond Jammeh throws the remains of the people he killed.

Bafulo used to be the boy, boy, of the former Kanilai Camp Commander Colonel Kawsu Camara, AKA Bombardeh. Kawsu Camara now lives in Senegal. He was jailed on coup related charges and later “pardoned” by the mad dog Kanilai monster.  

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