As there is an imminent mass defection of public officials from his dying regime, in the wake of former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko’s defection, Gambia’s isolationist dictator Yahya Jammeh, has replaced his Presidential Affairs Minister Sulayman Samba, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Samba has been replaced by Fatou Lamin Faye, the Minister of Higher Education. 

Sulayman-Samba-276x300In a span of less than four months, Jammeh has hired four different Presidential Affairs Ministers.  Ms. Yam Bamba Njie Keita, was hired and later got fired. Sulayman Samba came in briefly as Presidential Affairs Minister, and he also got fired. Samba was detained, and released. He was replaced by Dodou Bammy Jagne, the former Gambian Ambassador to Qatar.  Jagne too never serve long in that post. He was removed and recycled. His predecessor Sulayman Samba, was reinstated after been unceremoniously jailed by the dictator.

On Monday, while reports of possible mass defection of The Gambian delegation to the UN General Assembly, featured on the pages of the Freedom Newspaper, coupled with the exposure of Jammeh’s secret torture chambers in town, the dictator abruptly came up with an announcement that he has appointed his Higher Education Minister Fatou Lamin Faye, as Presidential Affairs Minister. Ms. Faye was busy on other official engagements when the sick dictator appointed her.

Jammeh risked running a regime with a cabinet. If reports reaching us are to go by, many public officials are likely to tender their resignation letters in coming hours. Some have even started absconding as we piece this story together. 

State House sources told this paper that the Kanilai dictator is suffering from an infamy of mind. Jammeh is said to be mentally challenged. He can hardly get along with his Presidential Affairs Ministers including Cabinet. 

In addition to his mental illness, Jammeh is also battling with diabetes. He has also been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In another development, it has been gathered there is an increasing insecurity at the State House and Kanilai. The dictator has been telling his security chiefs that there are rebels in the country who are after his head.

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