Contrary to online reports that businessman Basiru Jawara is death, this medium can authoritatively report that Basiru Jawara is alive and kicking. The false news appeared on an online paper, Telegraph, that Mr. Jawara is death. The Jawara family has vehemently rejected such reports describing it as false, baseless and totally unfounded.

A Jawara family member told this paper that he has spoken to Basiru today. Mr. Jawara was even laughing when the news of his purported death was communicated to him. Basiru Jawara is in good health condition, our source said.

As soon as the Telegraph story hits the internet, the Jawara family were bombarded with series of phone calls from concerned relatives and friends about the alleged demise of Basiru Jawara. The story was circulated on Facebook including other social media websites, It turns out that the Telegraph story was a hoax.

“Basiru Jawara is in Banjul, when we spoke for the past one hour. Please let the public know that this is false. And we are getting to the source of that Internet upload,” said our source.

“The general public is being inform to pass onto such false news reports. Mr. Jawara is alive,” our source added.

The Telegraph online paper could not be reached for their own site of the story.

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