Someone higher up at the police headquarters is about to be fired and arrested, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Unless Jammeh rescinds his plans, something is cooking. The Inspector General of police Yankuba Sonko is having a bad day. He is not just confused, but worried about what’s going to befall him in coming hours. Mr. Sonko has been recalled from the delegation of security officials currently touring the country with the newly hired Interior Minister MA Bah. Mr. Sonko received a phone call while touring the country with MA Bah that he should return to Banjul as soon as possible. The caller instructed him that he should discontinue his tour and report back to Banjul.

As reported on air last week, Yankuba Sonko, should consider jumping ship or risked going to Jammeh’s gallows at mile two prison. The IGP and the escaped former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, are close buddies. Jammeh treats his employees based on circle of affiliation or friends. Let say if your close friend in the government gets fired, there is ninety nine chances that, you too might get fired or recycled. That’s how Jammeh operates. People who serve long in Jammeh’s government knows what we are reporting here.

According to sources, Yankuba Sonko, is on his way back to Banjul. Sonko is not sure about what is going to be his fate. He might equally not get fired, but under Jammeh’s watch anything could happen. We are closely monitoring Sonko’s movements. 

Yankuba Sonko is from Nuimi Bounyadu. He is a career police officer. He studied law in the United Kingdom.

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