During the recent meeting of the EU parliament delegation with the opposition parties in Banjul, Dr. Touray displayed such an arrogance and immaturity to the big surprise of all attendees. When Dr. Touray’s turn to speak came, she had nothing good to say but to vehemently blast the opposition parties with abusing language as incompetent, useless and unable to come together to unseat Yaya Jammeh for the past 20 years. She uttered such negative statements with such an arrogant language towards the parties that made other political party representatives totally flabbergasted and disappointed at someone who demands to be chosen as the opposition flag bearer against Jammeh.

From that day on, it was clear to the opposition party representatives that Dr. Touray cannot lead them much more be a president of a country. Every reader of this article is free to research on the above revelation to the respective parties that were present during the meeting.

Adama Barrow of the UDP did not utter a single word during the meeting, why is anybody’s guess?

Dr. Touray is a highly temperamental person. She is too hard and very impatient as a civilian much more if given executive powers.

It is a known fact that women in general are known to be tolerant, soft and patient and Dr. Touray is the complete opposite espousing a very macho attitude towards people.

Politics is about persuasion and not coercion. When one is vying for political office, one should not disgrace and abuse the parties you call to give you support. It is illogical and unintelligent.

Team Isatou are all over the net openly supporting and asking other opposition parties to rally behind Dr. Touray. I can tell you today for sure that many political parties will not endorse Dr. Touray as flag bearer and you can take this statement to the bank. The bottom line is, if Dr. Touray, is so sure of her popularity amongst the electorate let her go and contest the election as any other candidate.

Team, Isatou can say what ever they want but the dice is cast on Dr. Touray for good.

As you please, time will tell.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

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