Drama unfolded at the Independent Electoral Commission election office house during a meeting organized by the visiting African Union delegation to Banjul, who are in the country to meet with the respective political parties ahead of the December, polls, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  A war of words ensued between Seedy Njie of the APRC and Isatou Touray, an Independent Candidate. The duo engaged in a verbal confrontation amid Ms. Isatou Touray’s move to paint incumbent Yahya Jammeh, as a brutal dictator, who needs to be sent packing come December.

Dr-Isatou-TourayKnown for her fiery and outspokenness, Isatou Touray, who is yet to be endorsed by any of the registered political parties as a flag bearer, used the AU meeting to highlight the situation of maladministration and lawlessness in The Gambia, ahead of the polls. She repeatedly branded the APRC leader Yahya Jammeh, as a dictator during her speech, which seemingly angered the APRC nominated MP Seedy Njie.

Seedy Njie, who was part of the APRC delegation at the meeting, took a swipe at Ms. Touray, accusing her of being arrogant and rude. He contended that Isatou’s “temperament, coupled with her flagrant arrogance, and lack of respect for civility, goes to show that she is not fit to lead any serious political party, talk less a country.”  

Mr. Njie then went on rampage calling Isatou Touray names. He even branded Isatou as an immature political novice, who is venturing into the wrong career.

“You are very arrogant. I doubt if you will get supporters in this country. How dare you call my President a dictator? Arrogance will not earn you any political support. Humble yourself. You can hardly articulate yourself well. You have nothing to offer other than insults and false accusations,” Seedy Njie claimed.

Isatou Touray told the visiting the AU delegation that The Gambia is being misruled by a dictator, who is bent on clinging onto power. She argues that only opposition unity can bail the country from the current predicament it found itself.

She also talked about the lack of unity among the opposition. She said she is here to help the opposition to effect political change come December. She opines that in the absence of unity, the opposition should consider coming up with a plan B, which is embracing an independent candidate to defeat Jammeh in the coming polls.

“We have to remove the dictator come December,” she said while lamenting the jailing of Ousainou Darboe and co.  

Ms. Touray was accompanied to the meeting by Ramzia Diab and Amie Bojang Sissoho.

Aji Yam Secka, and Dembo By-Force represented the UDP at the meeting, while Musa Sonko, represented the NRP.

The GDC was represented by MC Cham, Ensa Jallow, and Modou Baldeh.  PDOIS was represented by Halifa Sallah, and Amie Sillah.

OJ Jallow, of the PPP, was accompanied by one Mr. Jarju. Seedy Njie, of the APRC was at the meeting with one of the APRC surrogates.

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