Gambia’s sick dictator Yahya Jammeh, has not only indirectly accused Senegal of exploitation of Guinea Bissau’s natural resources, he also doubled down on his allegations against the French speaking nation by charging that some neighboring countries are hell bent on destabilizing Guinea Bissau come what may. The dictator, who was seeing off the visiting Guinean President at the airport on Tuesday, was condescending in his latest coded accusations against Senegal. He said the same neighbors, who are trying to destabilize Guinea Bissau,  have conspired with his enemies for twenty two years to destabilize The Gambia, but without much success. Jammeh maintains that both Guinean Bissau and The Gambia, shall prevail no matter what kinds of conspiracies its enemies are plotting against the two nations. 

JAMMEH IS SICK“We are working together to help him; help Guinea Bissau to safeguard their natural resources; because all the problem of Guinea Bissau… because few countries around us exploit the resources of Guinea Bissau to the detriment of Guinea Bissau and I told him to say no to it. And he is saying no to it and that’s why they want to destabilize him, but they cannot destabilize Guinea Bissau. The same way as they have failed in twenty two years to destabilize The Gambia. So shall it be,” Jammeh charged.

The isolationist Gambian despot said Gambia’s friendship with Guinea Bissau is not fake, and that the  two countries never pretended to be in love. He said the relationship between Guinea Bissau and the Gambia is cordial and he will not sit by and allow Guinea Bissau’s neighbors to destabilize his ally.

Jammeh was taking a jab at President Macky Sall of Senegal. He pandered with the pro-government media by making Senegal look like it is not a trustworthy and dependable neighbor. Jammeh went on tirade to settle scores with Senegal during his brief press interview at the airport late Tuesday evening.  

Senegal, has equally accuses Jammeh of exploitation of its flora and fauna. Ecologist Haidar El Ali, a former Senegalese environment minister who spearheads the movement to protect Casamance’s forests, said he thought the move was simply a short-term strategy by President Yahya Jammeh, the AFP reported.

“I think it’s a just a big charade in the run-up to the elections, where he is under a lot of pressure,” El Ali was quoted as saying by the AFP.

“He wanted to make a show because the farmers are complaining about the exhaustion of their soil,” a result of deforestation, the former environment minister said.

“(Jammeh) organised this trafficking and he has profited from it himself,” El Ali added, accusing the president of benefiting from the activities of WestWood, the only company authorized to export logs from the Gambia.

Jammeh also talked about Guinea Bissau’s old laws, which he says has reduced the position of the Presidency as a ceremonial title. He pointed out that the Prime minister of Bissau has more powers than the President. Hence, he has calls for constitutional reforms in Bissau, to strip off such vested powers from the prime minister.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about reforming Bissau’ security apparatus settings to discourage any form of subversion of power from the civilian population. He added that the Guinean President has informed him that they have signed an agreement to solve Guinea’s political impasse.

“I have advised him to honor the agreement,” Jammeh remarked.

In regards to Gambia’s domestic politics, Jammeh also said he and the Guinea Bissau President have been confiding on issues relating to political developments unfolding in both countries. Jammeh said he has assured the Guinean leader that the reports he has been hearing about The Gambia and his government are false.

“If the opposition wants to suppress me; elected by the people; I will not accept it. I will not tolerate it,” Jammeh said.

Yahya Jammeh also claimed that the main opposition UDP are  the troublemakers in the country. He said the party was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, United States by the powers that be. He vowed to cross opposition militants trying to disturb the peace in The Gambia.

Mr. Jammeh defended his heavy-handedness towards oppressed Gambians. He said the west has no moral authority to preach him about freedom of speech, and democracy. He cites France, where he said, a nine year old boy, was arrested for browsing an ISIS propaganda website. He also said in the United States and other western countries, Muslims, are being exposed to routine surveillance. He claimed that people who visit ISIS websites are being arrested in the West. He said the word Jihad cannot be uttered in western Muslim mosques.

“So now watching ISIS video, you can find yourself in jail. Why? Because they are concerned about their country. So we shouldn’t be concerned about the security of our country and leave it to the dogs to develop? Hell no! So I told him all what you are hearing is not true. They are telling you stories. They said I am oppressing the opposition.. You have how many political parties here? Only one party thinks that they can destroy this country, and this party was formed in 1996, in Atlanta, by those powers that be. They want to destabilize this country. I am not going to compromise on that. So I told him that all that they are hearing is a storm in a tea cup. It is not even true,” a pale looking Jammeh said.

The visiting Guinean President said he was in The Gambia to seek an advice from his counterpart Yahya Jammeh in regards to Bissau’s political governance. He thanked Jammeh for hosting him. He spoke highly of the cordial bilateral relationship between the two nations. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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