Dear Editor,

The WASCAL project at UTG has now become JAHSOWE Project, all engineered by the departing Omar Jah and one Dr. Musa Sowe, the project director.

Jah has infiltrated the project by appointing his cousin as the driver as well as appointing a lady relative of his as the Admin Assistant. These two project positions were manned by two competent professionals but Jah and Sowe nonetheless ditched them for make way for Jah’s relatives.

With regards to the former Admin Assistant, the story goes like this. Sowe is well known for his womanizing within the UTG circle. He would take women from the Kombos to the project site in Farafenni to have nice time with them. Reports have it that Sowe’s wife is not on talking terms with the lady secretary to the project, which doubled as UTG staff.  Sowe is well known for taking advantage of poor urban girls to actualize his romantic fantasies. We the former Wascal students witnessed a lot about Sowe’s immoral behavior towards helpless Gambia girls.

But Sowe was not to be lucky in the case of the former Admin Assistant. Being his perpetual habit, he approached the former Admin Assistant, who is a young girl, for the same thing. However, the girl’s moral standing made to not only reject this madness but she also wrote a damning report about the case and perhaps submitted to UTG. Sowe therefore went berserk and connived with Ustas Omar Jah to terminate the poor lady’s services. The cunning Jah then capitalized on the situation and therefore tied the hands of Sowe to appoint his (Jah’s) relative, a young lady married to a member of staff of UTG. An Ustas indeed!

Written By A Former Wascal Student

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