This morning as I woke up and after having my morning coffee and decided to see what are the headlines of the day on Freedom Newspaper then I came across this disturbing piece about Seedy SK Njie and madam Touray.  I call it disturbing for only one reason which is I really feel disturbed reading that a low thinking young person like Seedy using insulting words on a woman much more an older woman who is old enough to be his mum. In politics, you are free to criticize your political opponents but in a well-balanced manner that you don’t have to insult in an irresponsible manner.

Seedy, if reality check has to be done on you and madam Touray, you will not worth even a saliva. Madam Touray, has served the Gambia in a way that you didn’t take even half a journey of it.this is politics and all are free to express and support whom so ever the wish and you indeed free to support JK but with cautions.  And mark me, I am not even a supporter of madam Touray because I don’t believe in her political ideologies but I can’t stand it that you insulting someone’s mother irresponsibly. You are nobody to judge madam support Base or her capability to be elected as a president when a low grade person like got into that rubber stamp national assembly. 

Seedy, do you remember that Mandinka proverb said by Mr. Gassama our then maths teacher that “Nee eloongna lu maang baang faala kaana deeya moubakee”which means if those who know you well are all not death don’t talk too much “I know that your Mandinka is not that rich but you still could remember this. Seedy know that we all know who is who at Nusrat high. Those who got promoted based on merits and those who got theirs on conditions. Poor white man,  I know still recall the day you were called to Mr. Kemokaye’s office with your daddy whose name am not at liberty to mission here.But Seedy always remember in politics one has to bear the critics of others especially when criticism is a fair one.

If madam Touray lacks the political culture to earn her a support, I then wonder what you are doing there because the Seedy Njie I know earn his name because of being a political sycophant.

Seedy, if not NAPSA, you will never be known and we all know how and NAPSA came into being.
Mr. Njie to be fair enough to you as a friend and if you would take my advice I think it will be of interest to you upgrade yourself academically because you will be left in  a wonder land if the JK is no more. And always remember that governments comes and go so don’t make enemies with people will feel shameful to face in the near future.
Seedy a word for a wise is enough so be quite and stop insulting when people go against JK .I laughed my ass off when I was told that you sat on GRTS claiming that the 9 people being executed was legal, what do you know about what is legal and what is not? This is a threat but when next I read again that you insulting elderly women I will reveal much about and how you tried to convince prince to join NAPSA with a promise that he will be given a secretary posts because you were prince in the Nusrat press club and you want to say his intelligence to serve NAPSA so that he can go against his brother-in-law Alagie Nyabally. He was smart and strong enough to turn you down several times. Seedy watch out much is known about you.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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