The NIA DG Yankuba Badjie is an information risk. He is implicating himself without knowing. Yanks nowadays walks around with brand new dollar bills. He gives his girls couple of thousands of dollars.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Some of the girls he sleeps around with have been alarmed by Yanks’ flamboyant lifestyle. Some even believe that Yanks and General Badjie are in the business of counterfeiting the US dollar.

Since Yankuba is a “show boy” and also a “daft’ Aka “Munku” he openly displays his riches to his girls. There is this luxurious house in Brufut, just behind the Upper Basic School, where both Yanks and Gen. Badjie will occasionally frequent to collect new dollar notes in packs. There is a barbwire on top of the long fence.

Usually, Yanks will leave his guest(s) in the car, to pick up money from the property. We do not know who own the property.

Both Yanks and General Badjie frequent the property, leading to speculations that either foreign currency is being printed there, or probably a drug lord might be residing at the property.

Yanks Badjie is living beyond his means. He has sent one of his girlfriends to Dubai for shopping spree. The said girlfriend has been in touch with Yanks during his visit to Dakar, Senegal. The girl is currently in Dubai.

Yanks Badjie, has also impregnated one of his girlfriends. Yanks has convinced the girl to abort her pregnancy so that his wife Ndura will not be mad at him. The girl agreed. Yanks has since abandoned the girl. Very ungrateful. Yanks is selfish to the core. He has battered the poor girl’s life. He abandoned the girl after convincing her to abort her pregnancy. 

Meanwhile, Yanks Badjie has revealed to one of his girlfriends that his Dad Arabo Badjie is in charge of Yahya Jammeh’s rituals. The same Yanks Badjie said he is aware of Jammeh’s plans to replace him. Yanks runs his mouth a lot when he is with his girls. He even brags about his infidelity by saying that he is a man. 

Yanks Badjie is also planning to marry  a second wife soon. He has promised to marry one of his girlfriends.

We have also stumbled through a disturbing information involving a Gambian lady, residing in New York. She is talking to Yanks on a daily basis. She could be a possible “handler” for Yanks. The said girl used to work with the regime. She is now living in so called exile. More info will follow later.

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