A major changes is likely to take place at the Ministry of Interior, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. There is also going to be changes at the Ministry of Justice, and the army. That’s one of the reasons why Jammeh is delaying swearing in MA Bah, the new Interior Minister.

Unimpeachable sources close to the Kanilai monster have hinted about an imminent radical changes to take place in the Jammeh government. Our sources said the officials to be replaced have been identified. Jammeh is waiting for the right moment to effect the impending changes, our sources said.

Officials reading this story should be on the guard and brace up for the inevitable. Run before Jammeh will send you to his mile two gallows. Mile two is not a habitable place for human beings. Do not fall victim of Jammeh’s blame game. Jammeh has miserably failed. He wants to go down with anyone he can lay his hands on. He is looking for scapegoats. Do not be one of those he will falsely arrest and jail.

For MA Bah, he would be very lucky if he got sworn in. Even whereas he is sworn in coming days, he will not last long in that post. Jammeh brought him in to execute a dirty mission for him.

For General Badjie, he has the keys to the armories in Kanilai, and Banjul. That doesn’t mean that he is immune from arrest. Jammeh is plotting to have him either arrested or killed. Things are getting nastier by the day. Badjie is aware of the situation.

Badjie’s relationship with Jammeh is that of a cat and mouse. Badjie cannot see Jammeh now without being disarmed. In the past, no one disarms him. That should tell him that Jammeh is done with him.

In the meantime, the two soldiers: Jammeh and Silva, who were arrested with arms by the PIU, are still at the NIA. They are yet to be charged.

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