The former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Petroleum, who was released from NIA custody few weeks ago, has been rearrested, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Fafa Sanyang, was picked up by the NIA on Thursday, and taken into custody. He is currently under NIA custody.  

fafa-sanyangMr. Sanyang has listed on his LinkedIn page that he once served as the Commissioner for Petroleum E and P at the Ministry of Petroleum. He also claimed that he graduated from the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Fafa Sanyang was chilling with his family at home, when some NIA personnel told him that he was needed at the agency for questioning. He was placed on board a waiting vehicle and whisked away to the NIA headquarters in Banjul.

“Mr. Sanyang has been taken into custody. As we speak, he is in the cell here at the NIA. He was arrested on Thursday evening. The orders for his re-arrest came from the President,” said our source.

Mr. Sanyang has the opportunity to abscond, but he decided to stay in the country. Now he has found himself behind bars. He has been caged at the Jammeh torture chamber gallows at the NIA.

It is not clear if Mr. Sanyang will face any charges. Sources said The Gambian dictator has vowed that by the time he finishes with the Petroleum Ministry former officials, they will regret why they were born in the first place. Jammeh also said he is not going to pardon any of the accused officials. 

In the meantime, Sirra Wally Ndow Njie, the erstwhile Petroleum Minister and her co accused persons have been remanded at mile two. Sirra Wally is said to be sick, but the dictator said he is not going to release her to go home. She used to be Jammeh’s close buddy.

In another development, Sulayman Samba, has been demoted. The portfolio of Presidential Affairs Minister has been stripped off from him. He is  no longer in charge of overseeing the National Assembly. He is left with the position of Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service.

Higher Education Minister Fatou Lamin Faye, is doubling as Presidential Affairs Minister. She is also overseeing the National Assembly.

Works Minister Dodou Bammy Jagne, has been fired. He has been replaced by Balla Jahumpa, the Gambian Ambassador to India. Balla’s ambassadorial position is vacant for now. The confused dictator is yet to name his successor. 

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