This morning to chagrin of the impoverished nation of The Gambia, people woke up to be greeted with a decree issued by dictator Yahya Jammeh banning private cars with green colors, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Hundreds of motorists driving green cars were rounded up and commandeered to park their vehicles at the Denton Bridge military post, and elsewhere around the Greater Banjul Area. No reason has been given for the new Jammeh decree against green cars.   

A source who reached us said: “All cars with the color green has been packed along Denton Bridge and around the Kombo area. Some have been asked to leave it there until Monday and they were not told why. I just spoke to someone whose car is parked at the Serrekunda police. Wonders shall never end as far as JK is around.”

As rightly reported by our source, the ban on green cars came as a surprise to many here in Banjul. Although, another source said tourist taxis have been exempted from the ban.

“With effect from today Friday, September, 30th, green cars have been banned in The Gambia, with the exception of tourist taxis. All cars in green color have been ordered to park,” said our source.

The Gambian dictator is increasingly worried at this hour. He was told by the NIA, that there are rebels in the country. Once again, Jammeh has threatened the livelihood of Gambians by obstructing their right to free movement. Many families and workers have been affected by the new decree banning green cars. 

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