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The APRC youth camp to be held at Basse has failed even before it starts. A memo was circulated to these following Tertiary and vocational institutions from the office of the President through the ministry of youths and sports. National youth service Scheme (NYSS), President International Award Scheme (PIA) Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI).                                         

According to the letter sent to the NYSS, they want the institution to gather 2500 youths, one Mr. Sowe a trainer at the institution was assign to arraign the number of youths from the NYSS to go to Basse, he then called members of the NYSS corps and they should come with their voter cards, some corps members  came to the NYSS ground on the 29th of Sept 2016, they find five (5) buses waiting to carry them to Basse, some of the youths gathered and had discussion among themselves, and then agreed that going to Basse is not their interest, according to one of them this is a ploy by some APRC youth leaders, who are looking for cheap political fame and positions to the detriment of they the corps and youths of this country, the likes of Babou Gaye Sonko, Seedy Njie, youths minister Alieu k Jammeh, another corps member said he has lost two of his brothers on the back way to Italy, because the APRC government has neglected the youths of this country to the extent that thousands of youths has migrated to Europe as refugees as if The  Gambia is a war torn country.

Another youth said the NYSS is owing them five (5) months of their stipend that they are yet to pay them, he said they should pay their stipend instead of asking them to go and thank Yaya Jammeh for what. Then they proceed to the the NYSS camp and refuse to board the waiting buses.                                         

Students of the (PIA) said they are students and most of them don’t have voter card so they don’t have any interest in APRC’s so called youth camp.                                       

One of the lecturers at the (GTTI) said he is not going to lead any of his students to such a useless gathering, because there is nothing to gain in such youth camp in basse, he said he is there to teach these students and he will only attend program with students that are of educational interest to them, political gathering are going to distract his students.                 

At the KMC, there were 12 to 15 buses waiting for youths that are supposed to go to the youth camp from 9am to 2pm, less than 100 youths showed up. Around 12pm, one of the bus driver said he is leaving because he has been waiting for too long without anybody to carry and they have not yet given him any butut and they have taken almost half of his day and he is not the owner of the bus.

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