Former Works and Transport Minister Dodou Bammy Jagne, today convened what was called a family meeting to inform his loved ones that he has been fired and that his travel documents have been confiscated by the state, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The former Gambian Ambassador to Senegal, and Qatar, is not very sure about his fate in coming days and as such he has decided to assemble his family to brief them. Bammy is increasingly worried about his safety at this time. 

According to our source, Mr. Jagne has been placed under close surveillance by the state. Some plain cloth security agents have been seen around his home since his firing.  Bammy is being watched by the state, our source said. 

“Bammy did the right thing by informing his family that he is being watched. His travelling documents have been seized. It appears that Jammeh doesn’t want him to leave the country anytime soon,” said our source.

Sources within the NIA said Jammeh is likely to nail Bammy in regards to the Qatar missing millions, in which Jammeh’s own relative Ansumana Jammeh was charged and later convicted.  Now Bammy too is awaiting to be taken to the JK torture chamber gallows.

Despite repeated fore-warnings for Bammy not to take employment with the Jammeh regime in the wake of Ansumana’s legal debacle with the state, Bammy ignored all odds to accept his appointment as SG and Presidential Affairs Minister. He became unemployed once The Gambian Embassy in Qatar was closed.

Bammy was told by this medium during a radio program that his appointment was just a bait to have him nailed, Bammy never heeded to voices of wisdom. Notwithstanding, he was later fired from the President’s office, and recycled into the Works Ministry, a position he held for less than a month. He got fired three days ago. He has been replaced by Balla Jahumpa, a Banjulian.

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