The news of hot-button issues from Gambia as usual, ended as it began last week with a great distraction that were eminently avoidable as the regime continues to find other appealing targets to slow down the opposition’s momentum and continue unleashing crisis upon crisis on Gambians. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our beloved country, and our interests are in grave danger every day. Gambian has had a lot of things to be embarrassed by over those 22 years, and one of the most embarrassing — rising to humiliation — is letting Yaya Jammeh become president again ever.

Lost amid this past week’s hoopla over the revelations concerning the fall of Yaya Jammeh’s big idol of that is responsible for his dark deeds. The incomprehensible weekly stories of Jammeh and the Badjie brother’s personal grudges against each other which is something that should have been a footnote because their goals of enriching themselves and holding onto that realm of power are intertwined. The unfortunate burning of stalls which belongs to poor vendors was yet another humiliating indication of that the Jammeh regime continue to fail us as Gambians into two categories: Some citizens trekking detention centers to search for their love ones and others are seeking better life elsewhere —free of violence. Yaya Jammeh have changed Gambian so much that families now do drills and backup plans, so that they know what to do when and— if the time comes for his villains 3am knock.

All fine and worthy sounding arguments in part, but we must redirect our attention to the tiny incremental steps towards unity because we only have 60 days to go. We have 1.8 million reasons form each and every Gambians own story—just this year alone, which has sickening similarity to stories of the past 22 years the country has endured. We can’t debate all of them point by point because we won’t be able to finished counting our sorrows before December 1st. One topic on a online radio end up being a debate that becomes highly symbolic and fruitless shouting match that allows both sides to make political points but— fails to move us toward any solution. How long should it take to express the words “ I feel your pain” or “my condolences”? Do we need to stretch those words until December 1st to form a coalition? Ghosh! Well! if that is the issue delaying the coalition talks, then —the oppositions leaders should find a quick way to emote and share what their feelings against one another in —one day and we all move forward in agreeing to select one independent candidate quickly. Yes, it is all worth doing— but we have to bear in mind about lessons learned in the past elections. Timing is everything but it is always an issue in most cases.

Then came the Wednesday night debacle: Mama Kandeh lustily took the stage of APRC radio and pointedly dragging his feet to talk to other popular networks. It was indisputably the story of the day, eclipsing attention of the opposing candidate’s tiny incremental steps towards the coalition line which continues to disappoint their supporters. I honestly believe mama Kandeh is offered an opportunity to expand his support beyond the hall of APRC and his true believers – The His Excellency group of loyalist. He showed no inclination to do so because— it sounds like he has an index card with rope lines separating the A, B, and C online radio listers.  I am sure some people with notable foreboding tone “Fearing something bad will happen to him” have his number on speed dail too as they tune in from one station to another. Gambians are not accustomed to hearing the word “no”. And frankly, it’s an example of why sometimes— you have to do what’s hard and get it over with. It drew attention to something; perhaps the biggest takeaway is —not everyone will be satisfied with your answers because— some will always air on the side of sound reasoning whiles— the self-absorption usually off the charts, will criticize your efforts as if the content are short of any solutions.  Compromising one’s beliefs is touchy most times but— it gets the job done especially during decisive moment.

Yaya Jammeh has clearly run out of ambitions and his complex love-hate relationship with the Gambians population— can be easily ended by a coalition this election cycle. He knows this very well because frosty diplomatic notes happening now in our communities, villages and towns aren’t making a difference for people to trust his again with the power of the presidency. As the folks who once occupy powerful seats in the halls of the APRC continue to defect, the Gambians people begin to know more and more Yaya Jammeh’s atrocities and his continue kidnapping of families in his notorious NIA dark secret prisons across the country, the prospects of wining the hearts of the Gambians doesn’t even look good any more. The big worry now is— for the surrogates to finally let their party leaders — sprint towards the coalition line. The sooner the coalitions happens, then Gambian people unbounding determination to take back our country without righteous might, will win through to absolute victory. We cannot let the horrible events of 2016 calendar year, be the norm for Gambians marching on to 2017.

Written By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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