There is an armory at the home of General Saul Badjie, the Commander of the Republican Guards, highly placed military sources close to the General have intimated to the Freedom Newspaper. There are heavy artilleries and other dangerous weapons at Badjie’s home. It is not clear if Mr. Badjie has the approval of his boss Yahya Jammeh to operate an armory at his private residence at Nemasu. Badjie is Gambia’s Co-President. He is more powerful than the army of Chief of Defense Staff CDS Ousman Badjie.  

Since the advent of the Jammeh regime, Badjie is the first army officer to operate an armory at his private residence. Soldiers posted at Badjie’s home have confirmed the existence of such an armory.

National security analysts believed that Badjie has commanded so much power and support in the army—to a point that he is almost virtually irreplaceable. Any attempt to neutralize or arrest him could lead to bloodbath in The Gambia, said our analysts.

“General Badjie made a smart move by operating an armory at his private residence parallel to the already existing armories he has total control of. Badjie has overnight becomes a thorn in the flesh to the dictator. Badjie is most likely person to replace Jammeh,” said our source.

Saul Badjie enlisted into the army with someone’s school papers. His real name is Karafa Bojang. He was part of recruit intake 12. He is among the few old guards of the army. He was trained in Farafenni, before he was deployed to Yundum.

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