The rookie and novice Gambian Ambassador to The United States Sheikh Omar Faye, has been speaking out following Washington’s move to impose visa ban against the Jammeh dictatorship and its officials, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Faye, who happens to be a former asylyee in the US, is seemingly worried about his fate as The Gambian representative here. He fears that he might be recalled by his boss, the deranged Kanilai monster.

As soon as the US issued the visa ban against The Gambian officials, Faye took onto the pro-government online radio based in the US to reaffirm his loyalty, and commitment to serve dictator Jammeh and his government. Faye, who avoided discussing the US visa ban, was primarily concerned about marketing his loyalty to the dictator than the plight of the 2000 Gambian illegal migrants awaiting to be deported to their native country, The Gambia.

“I am number one supporter of President Yahya Jammeh. He sends me here. I am supported him one hundred percent. I supported his government and his policies. I supported his foreign policy. I cannot give him half support. I am not that type of a person, who will pretend to be supporting him, when I am not. I rather not work for him than to fake my support for him. I am not a pretender. I cannot fake my support for Jammeh. Anyone, who doesn’t understand that you are ignorant about diplomacy and global affairs. If I don’t believe in Jammeh and the APRC, I wouldn’t have joined him. I would just step aside,” Faye said in the Wollof local dialect.

Mr. Faye talks about his upbringing as boy, growing up in the City Banjul and the good mentoring his late Dad gave him. Faye said he is not a traitor.

“Mann Gorr Laa. If I support someone, I will give you all my heart. I am in full support of President Jammeh and his government,” he said.

Mr. Faye also talks about Jammeh instructing him and his staff to buy an Embassy property in DC. He said the property cost the state $1.5 Million dollars.

“Jammeh gave me the authority to buy an embassy property in DC. The process was vigorous. We had to contact the State Department, the Justice Department, communities, lawyers before the finalization of the deal. I have the letter written by Jammeh, asking us to find a property for the embassy. No loan was taken for the purchasing of the embassy,” Faye said.

With the new Embassy, Faye said they are no longer required to pay rent. He said the property is for Gambians. He thanked Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, Modou Camara and others for facilitating the purchasing of the new embassy building.

Mr. Faye also lectured the buffoonery APRC supporters about what diplomacy is about. He said the very day Washington  accredited him as Gambia’s Ambassador to the US, a vehicle from the White House came to The Gambian Mission to hand  over the US flag to him.  He said both The Gambian and US flags are flying high at the Gambian chancery in DC. 

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