Some people still believe that elections cannot remove Jammeh from office even under a coalition flag bearer. These category of people should simply do a big favor to the other groups that believe that elections can remove Jammeh from office and keep quiet and watch and pray for the other groups doing their electioneering work.

My article is destined for those groups and parties that believe in elections.

Some people believe that only an academically high degree holder can remove Jammeh from office while forgetting that Lawyer Oussainou Darboe has tried and failed four time over despite being a lawyer. Where is then the usefulness of high degrees in a presidential election? If academic degrees elect or maintain a president in office then what is the use of democracy and one-man one vote principle?

There are only two systems in this world; a democratic and transparent system based democratic principles and a dictatorial regime base on repression and corruption. Both systems do not require a degree holder to maintain itself in power. People vote for individual candidates of their choice and not for academically qualified individual. If such were true Lawyer Darboe would have been president of the Gambia long time ago. This is especially true when over half the population are illiterate in our African countries, the Gambia included.

Now Team Isatou are banking on her academic qualifications to vilify the other candidates and secondly on her independent candidature status as the other qualification for the opposition candidates to select her as flag bearer. Some even went to the extreme by asking the other opposition parties and candidates to fund her campaign. Really?

The only answer I will give to the above group is, if they are not so sure that their candidate cannot go it alone in campaign and funding then let them withdraw from the race. A candidate should first of all have a base before asking others to select him or her.

That particular candidate therefore should not present him or her self to the peers as a helper. He or she is rather a beggar. Now a beggar has no choice, you take only what is given to you and in this case the exit door is what she deserve because the outcome or results of any election are not determined at party executives levels.

The onus is now on the peers to sort out themselves based on their party and personal strengths and popularity.

Now to the political parties and their candidates I have this to say; the Gambia is small and we all know each other specially the electorate on the ground waiting to vote.

Sincerity and country first should guide our actions for we have only one candidate in power that we will face in December.

Now if you have a Balla Gaye 2 as “Roi des arenes” would you put up Yawou Dial as his challenger? No. Either people will not come to the show or worst no one will support Yawou Dial for obvious reasons. Each and every candidate know their strengths and weaknesses it is a matter of being honest and humble to select the most likely candidate to beat Jammeh and all of us as of now know the person capable of defeating Jammeh in the ring. Let us now please burry our egos and help the best candidate to defeat Jammeh and reinstate the much cried for democracy and rule of law that we lost 22 years ago under Jammeh’s misrule. This is the only fight worthy of fighting for in December. All other secondary personality fights can wait until post Jammeh era in 2017.

In the Gambia the time is “Tobaski/Christmas” day, all of us should come out in record number to kill the ram and pig.

As Senegal did with “Y en a marre” and M23 to Abdoulaye Wade, our slogan for the upcoming elections should be “das Fananal” our voting cards and out “Na Dem”.

Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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