Gambia’s most powerful General Saul Badjie, has been busy consolidating his power base in the army by inducing and buying soldiers, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Badjie is giving money, gifts, and landed properties to the soldiers in order to win their support. Badjie has a strong grip of the army command. What’s worrying though; is the glaring and blatant corruption and abuse of office associated with the General.

The following soldiers have been allocated land by General Badjie:

  1. Corporal Sakou Bojang, a driver attached to General Badjie’s convoy, has been allocated a land in Sarlagi, Kombo North by General Badjie. Sarlagi is not far from the Willingkama forest. CPL Saikou Bojang joined the army recently. He was part of intake 29. He is currently on peacekeeping mission in Sudan. He is among General Badjie’s boys at the State House. He has been bought by the powerful General. 
  2. Sergeant Kujabi, an orderly of General Badjie, has been allocated land in Sarlagi. Like Saikou Bojang, Kujabi too is part of recruit intake 29. He is also on peacekeeping mission in Darfur, Sudan.
  3. Sergeant Hatab Colley, General Badjie’s driver, has been allocated land by General Saul Badjie, AKA Karafa Bojang, in Sarlagi. SGT. Colley is part of intake 25.
  4. Lieutenant Buba Jammeh (deceased) was also allocated land in Sarlagi by General Badjie.

Transfers In The Army

Captain Sulayman Jammeh, alias Jilanko, has been posted at the Kanilai battalion with immediate effect. Jilanko is General Musa Savage’s twice. He has been sent to Kanilai to spy at Savage.

Jilanko was a junior Sergeant at the State House. He was promoted from the rank of Sergeant to Captain. He was part of intake 24. Jilanko was sent to Taiwan on studies, but he failed his entry level exams. He had to be kicked out from the class and shipped back to The Gambia.

Jilanko is General Saul Badjie’s boy, boy. He is in Kanilai to spy at Musa Savage and Jammeh.

Former ADC Burey Jammeh, has been transferred to the Laminkoto army camp. He has been designated as the Camp Commander.  Beray Jammeh, has just returned from his studies in Nigeria. He was sent to Nigeria to pursue the officers junior division course.

Berry Jammeh is a relative of dictator Yahya Jammeh. He was promoted from Lance Corporal to Lieutenant. Weeks after his promotion, he was elevated to the rank of Captain. He used to be overseeing Jammeh’s marabout errands after Jammeh had fallen out with Solo Bojang.

Prior to the reinstatement of Lt. Colonel Wandifa Barrow, as Jammeh’s ADC, Captain Beray Jammeh briefly served as an ADC to his dictator brother. At the time, Wandifa, was moved to the Fajara barracks. 

Berray Jammeh was later moved to the vehicle Control Unit of the State House and was ( in charge of Jammeh’s convoy). Coporal Saikou Drammeh, was his clerk. This was a position Beray Jammeh, held until his Nigeria studies.

General Joseph Bassen is now in charge of vehicle control at the State House. Corporal Saikou Drammeh continues to work at the same unit. He works directly under General Bassen.

Meanwhile, the relationship between General Badjie and Jammeh is like a cat and mouse relationship. The duo do not trust each other. General Badjie has infiltrated the army and Jammeh’s most trusted loyalists. Badjie has access to cash, arms, land, and power. He is some sort of Gambia’s De Facto President.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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