A scene occurred at GAMCEL, the nation’s premier cellular phone company, as NIA officers assaulted one of the company’s senior managers after forcing him to board an awaiting tainted car, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Senior IT Manager Alhagie Jaiteh, got into trouble with the NIA, following his alleged refusal to download certain phone records of individuals the agency asked him to download. The Gamcel official asked the NIA officers to give him time to consult with his boss before turning in customers’ information to them. Alhagie told the NIA officers that he needed the permission of his supervisor before he could turn in the phone records to them, but the NIA officers wouldn’t listen to him. He was mobbed and ran into the ground amid repeated beatings by the security officers dispatched to collect the phone records of people under the radar of the state.

As we file this story, Mr. Jaiteh, has been taken into custody by the NIA. He was mercilessly tortured at the time of his arrest. His only perceived crime was asking the security agents to allow him to confide with his supervisor before releasing people’s phone records.

Mr. Jaiteh’s profile on LinkedIn said he started working with Gamtel, the parent company of GAMCEL in May, of 1997, as a Data Analyst.  He works at GAMTEL for four years before moving to GAMCEL, a subsidiary of GAMTEL, in May, of 2001. He was hired as an IT Manager, a position he held for fifteen years and six months—up to the time of his arrest.  

At GAMCEL, everyone was virtually taken aback by the conduct of the NIA officers. No one seems to know what’s going on. But what’s clear though; the state is investigating certain high profile people in the government. Meanwhile, both the MD of GAMTEL and GAMCEL are out of town,  The incident occurred during their absence from the country.  Mr. Jaiteh got arrest about an hour ago.  We will keep you posted with developments. Stay tuned. 

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