Politics is not a joke. It is a serious business that is based on principles, theories and practices. It is not a joke that Universities teach political science. Why do we Gambians take politics so lightly as a wishful thinking process base on ‘Yama Nekh’ or my way or no way?

It is fact the Gambia has two formidable organized opposition political parties facing the APRC this coming elections.

It is a fact that the UDP and GDC are the two most popular and structured political parties in the Gambia and they are not sitting down in offices or fill conference halls to attend to stale talks which they don’t have the upper hand. They are rather doing their prime job of campaigning; they are meeting the electorate and spending monies, time and energy to carry their political activities from Kartong to Koina on a daily basis. They are all over the place educating and convincing the electorate to vote Jammeh out. Should they be blame for doing their primary jobs?

What is more serious and urgent than campaigning when we are only two months away from elections? Should the leaders of these two political parties leave their most important role of galvanizing and getting close to the electorate than being present in stale meetings infested by non-starters? No. Their deputies can attend these meetings and report back to their leaders.

Until and unless the meeting coordinators recognize that any serious meeting should consider the UDP and GDC, as the most formidable parties eligible to present a flag bearer and stop the wishful thinking process steered by people thousand miles away from the Gambia without voting cards and who are not politicians in the first place to highjack such an important issue in the political history of our country.

UDP and GDC will not waste their prime time leaving the ground free to APRC crisscrossing the country and buying potential opposition voters cards for peanuts?

Now it has been reported by an online media “that APRC WOMEN COUNCILLOR Binta Camara is leading a bribing voters cards buying delegation across the country. Chiefs and Alkalos have been handed hundreds of thousands of Dalasis to bribe people and buy votes ahead of the December 1 Gambian presidential elections.

Many Chiefs and Alkalos themselves confide that they are doing the illegal activity against their will.”

In as much as we condemn this corrupt practice by the APRC and cronies, full blame should go to people accepting to sell their sovereign rights for peanuts and after the shameful and treacherous act find themselves in a more horrible situation of fighting lawlessness, brutalities, imprisonments, killings, firing and sackings and the siphoning of state resources for Zeinab Jammeh the worst gold digger on earth.

At worst, if a dishonest voter has to sell his card, at least for God sake sell them for a D100.000- (one hundred thousand dalasi) or more per card than the peanuts given to you to mortgage your lives and that of your people.

Just as we warned the IEC and Momodou Nai Ceesay, we are also hereby giving a very serious notice to woman councilor Binta Camara to desist and stop this unlawful practice failing which the bull dogs are taking note of people bent on helping Jammeh and the APRC steal the elections. Yaya Jammeh and the military know who the ‘junglers” are and they are not far from the Gambia. These hardened and bloodthirsty commandos can strike at any target any time both within and outside the country. Madam Camara, you better ask who are the junglers at large. 

So please stop it now. Your other conspirators should also stop this illegal practice. It is unlawful, dishonest and liable to jail term. Please take note that this coming elections is not a joke or business as usual. Our lives and your lives are at stake and verily we have the upper hand. Anyone illegally helping Jammeh to fraudulently win the upcoming election shall face the consequences one by one until justice prevails in our lost country.


Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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