Mr. Ousman Njie, the renowned Gambian DJ, aka DJ Filmasal was diagnosed on 27th October 2015 with a life threatening illness. 

44-year-old Ousman, Gambian resident of Bundung, Serekunda has secured pre-authorisation at BUPA hospital in Victoria Harbour City, Salford Quays, Manchester, UK. He needs urgent atrial fibrillation treatment, but at a cost of £10,000 plus airfares Mr Njie life is hanging in the balance.


Treatment for Mr Njie’s life threatening condition, Cardiomyopathy, is not available in The Gambia and so he has no alternative than to leave his wife and family of 6 and travel to the UK to secure this urgent overseas treatment.

Since being diagnosed Mr Njie has been unable to work, his body is swollen and he cannot use the toilet on his own, he is totally dependent on his wife for all his needs. He has been going back and forth to hospital so often that it feels like his home, but it is a home with no love and no family. Now the proud Mr Njie has no choice other than to ask for help.

“The reason I am asking for help is that the Doctors in The Gambia have told me that I am no longer treatable here and so I need to travel overseas for specialist care and treatment. “


He is the sole bread winner and being out of work due to this terrible illness is a very big problem. Ousman Njie is now living hand to mouth, trying to provide for his wife and their six children, the youngest of whom is only 16 months old. The family have used all their savings during the time Mr Njie has been ill and now they have no financial means to fund this most urgent treatment.


Mr Njie is asking for all family, loved ones, philanthropies to come to his aid, for without this help Mr Ousman Njie will die.

Mr Njie’s wife Ida Sosseh has been doing petty trading to help with money but now she is unable to make ends meet. “I have to give my husband twenty-four-hour care. Sometimes he stops breathing and I am so scared that he will die here in front of the children. Our days are taken over with trying to make Ousman comfortable, but the children are suffering.”


There seems to be a glimmer of hope for this most desperate family in the form of a ‘gofundme’ account that has been set up for Mr Njie’s treatment.

The family want to extend their sincere thanks to the initiator of this account and to all the kind persons who have selflessly donated, but there is still a long way to go and time is running out for Mr Njie and his young family. £10,000 is a very large amount of money, but if we all work together we will give Mr Njie a second chance at life and give his children their father back.

We are appealing to everybody to support this worthy cause, by clicking on the link below to donate what you can to save a life. Without your help treatment for Mr Njie will not be possible.

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