The actual president of Burkina Faso, Marc Rock Christian Kabore was a vice president of Blaise Compaore for over 10 years. He left Blaise and formed a party and joined the opposition. Within five years, Blaise was pushed out of power and free and fair elections took place and Kabore won hands down against all traditional Sankarist political parties why?

Mama KandehThis is simply because people vote for the devil they know against a devil they don’t know. After 27 years of Blaise’s brutal rule, many former enablers were with him, their families and subordinates fearing a backfire from a Sankarist president elect leaned and put all their weight and resources on the devil they know hence their former colleague vice president Kabore won the elections hands down. This is a big political lesson to learn by Gambians in analyzing electoral outcomes in long establish dictatorial regimes. Since then only the last bastion of active ministers, few military men, few party leaders and corporate heads that were with Blaise’s government during his fall are the ones facing justice today in the Burkinabe courts. What this means is that a lot of past soft enablers were spared the wrath of the new regime. Call it a human survival instinct. The Gambia will not be different from what took place in Burkina Faso and December will confirm the above scenario.

The press release from Team Isatou has this to say:” Isatou Touray calls on all Gambians to stand up with boldness and pride in their nation to reclaim our long lost dignity and rights and repair the wounds that Yaya Jammeh and his regime has inflicted on countless individuals, families, communities and the entire nation.” This statement alone is enough pepper to drive away any would be ARPC cross overs.

Now Isatou is a wounded lion, she was falsely charged and jailed. She is naturally very mad at the system and for good reasons. The fear that Isatou will embark on a vendetta spree is in the minds of many in the Gambia. Isatou is not a known politician; as such she will be viewed as someone who has a hidden agenda.

Here again Isatou addresses the opposition parties and I quote “The Grand Rally is to also send a loud message to all opposition parties and leaders that indeed the people desire nothing other than the total unity of the opposition in order to salvage this Great Nation of ours.” Yes agreed but lead by WHO?

Logical reasoning dictates that the APRC are the architects of stealing elections. The ARPC is better off stealing elections for Mama Kandeh a person they have no axe to grind with than throwing their weight and know how on any other candidate in the ring. Whether we accept it or not, people voted for Yaya Jammeh despite the irregularities here and there.  The 470000 people that voted for Jammeh in 2011 are neither ghosts nor angels. They lined up in polling stations and cast their votes for Jammeh in 2011. That’s an undeniable fact that no politician will deny.

It is these 470.000 voters that constitute over half the registered voters that need to shift to the opposition. It is these voters that will make the big difference in the coming elections. Halifa Sallah has buttressed this point over and over and some people failed to listen and comprehend. These voters, if they are to shift, will naturally go to Mama Kandeh. These voters together with the activation of the 25% voter apathy during the last presidential elections are the fishing ground for GDC and Mama Kandeh. The enthusiasm that we witness recently in a fearless crowd attending meetings is a pointer that change is about to come.

In the course of human history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and ego and give hope to each other. The time is now.

Isatou Touray is better of rallying behind Mama Kandeh and be part of the architects of CHANGE in our beloved country than otherwise.

What GOD has decreed no human being can change? He is the best planner and executioner? It is GOD that inspired the heart of people to love and follow a person and no man can reverse the trend. GOD is best suited to know the deep secrets in our hearts and we the People have prayed to Him to give us the best heart amongst ourselves to lead us.

Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang

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