Energy Minister Dr. Saja Edward Sanneh was never fired from his post, even though his Ministry, was merged to the Ministry of Petroleum. Mr. Sanneh was on an official mission to Europe, when he absconded to the United States. His position has been vacant for months now. Sanneh is one of the first Jammeh Ministers to jump ship. The Gambian state is yet to acknowledge the sudden defection of Dr. Saja Sanneh.  

Dr. SanyangDr. Sanneh, a Taiwan Gambian graduate, had an encounter in Kanilai with monster Yahya Jammeh, during a bullet point presentation by Sanneh, in which Jammeh and cabinet were present. The Gambian dictator rudely interrupted Dr. Sanneh by asking him if he Sanneh was a politician or public servant. Mr. Jammeh told Saja that he sounded like Halifa Sallah during his presentation and he Jammeh even communicated threats against Dr. Sanneh. 

In response to Jammeh’s demeaning attacks against his personalty, Dr. Sanneh denied being a politician or trying to emulate Halifa Sallah’s elitist style of communication. He told the erratic Kanilai born dictator that he (Saja) is an Environmental Scientist, who was lecturing his colleagues about developments at his Ministry. His colleagues, who witnessed the exchanges between him and Jammeh in Kanilai, said Saja felt intimidated by the maroon Gambian despot.

“Jammeh hardly respect intellectuals. He bullied and chastised them on any given opportunity. He felt intimidated by educated folks,” said a Cabinet Minister, who was present in Kanilai, when the dictator rudely interrupted Dr. Sanneh’s presentation. 

During his stint in Cabinet, Jammeh routinely harassed Dr. Sanneh. He even tells other Ministers not to befriend Saja saying “Saja is stubborn and hotheaded.” Jammeh onetime threatens to lockup Dr. Sanneh for failing to shave his beard. This was during a state function covered by GRTS. 

JOBELike Jammeh, Trade Minister Abdou Jobe, alias “Ndobin” has repeatedly caricatured PHD Holders in the presence of Dr. Sanneh by calling them all degrading names on the book. Ndobin said PHD degree is not only a joke, but a waste of one’s time and brain. Ndombin is another Jammeh snitch and appeaser. He talks down to Saja, even branding him as someone crazy. 

Dr. Sanneh’s late Dad taught Yahya Jammeh in Bwiam. He also hosted Jammeh while Jammeh was going to school in Bwiam primary school. Saja, is somehow Jammeh’s junior brother. 

Yahya Jammeh was never nice to Saja while he was in Cabinet. In fact, throughout his five years services with The Gambian government,  Jammeh never granted Mr. Sanneh audience. He refused to allow Sanneh to brief him on Energy related issues and developments.  Sanneh was reporting to Jammeh’s SG at the time. 

While on mission in Europe, Dr. Sanneh received a phone call from Jammeh’s trusted aides that he should not bother returning to the country because Jammeh was planning to have him arrested. Sanneh was henceforth advised not to return to the country. Hence, which led to his brief stopover in Germany, and later made it to the United States.

Upon his return from his Taiwan studies, Dr. Sanneh was appointed as Deputy Permanent Secretary at the State House, a position he held for four days, before the former SG and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally informed him that he has been appointed Energy Deputy Minister. He was later to elevated to the position of Energy Minister. 

It has been gathered from reliable sources that Yahya Jammeh has used some of his close confidants to convince Dr. Sanneh to return to the country. Jammeh even promised to entrust him with more responsibilities. But Saja is apparently refusing to return home. He fears possible retaliation from his crazy dictator brother dictator Yahya Jammeh. 

Dr. Sanneh has just finished writing a book, which is due to be published soon. Sanneh is a trained Public Health Officer. He worked with the Ministry of Health before pursuing his doctoral studies in Taiwan.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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