Dear Editor,

If information reaching this source is anything to go by, the docile Chairman of the UTG Council is using his ministerial influence to ensure that the recently fired Facilities manager of UTG, Morro Krubally is reinstated.

Readers would recalled that Mr Krubally was fired by the Gambia Government amid allegations of the mass auctioning of Government vehicles of which he had no official authorization to that effect. As such he was given his matching orders, and also being currently prosecuted by the Government. Information has it that Minister Senghore was approached by Dr Omar Jah to use his positional influence to help bail out Morro as well as reinstate him at UTG. It is further alleged that Senghore gave his word that he would certainly work towards that. It should therefore be no surprise if eventually the charges against Morro at the Magistrate court are dropped and he is back at UTG. This might also explain why Morro is still frequenting his office at Kanifing as well as using the UTG CUG line for communication. The fired Morro is still accessing and spending hours and hours in his former office and nobody at UTG seems to give a damn.

It seems UTG is disregarding the Government directives with regards to the case of Morro. Where the Government has fired Morro, UTG on the other hand is disregarding this and allowing the same man to illegally occupy the UTG premises. Morro has not in fact make any official handing over, believing that through some senior UTG staff and Minister Senghore, he is going to come back UTG.

Written By  Another Concerned Observer of UTG events. 

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