Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, once again to the ordinary Gambian, everything looks normal but there is constant tension at the state house and Kanilai. Monster Jammeh does not trust the security and the security also don’t trust dictator Jammeh. Monster Jammeh is in Kanilai as we speak, since the TOBASKI dictator Jammeh has been frequenting Kanilai and he is paranoid and confused. His entire guards, military detail at both Kanilai and Banjul are completely shocked and they are tired. They cannot spend any time with their families and they are over worked and under paid and something will give in soon. Some of them have not slept for a long time whilst rapist Jammeh continues to abuse and sleep with Gambian women.

JAMMEH IS SICKIn the past, during the rainy season monster Jammeh will be out in the bush but now he is indoors all the time planning and plotting evil things. Dictator Jammeh is convinced that someone is eavesdropping at statehouse and he cannot plan anything at statehouse but Kanilai. But DCC is aware of anything you plan dictator Jammeh, did you not recently meet Muhammed Bassi, do you want to deny that? For the first time people are not hearing monster Jammeh utter sentences like “eat what you grow and grow what you eat”, you don’t even see GRTS crew at Kanilai. There is zero farming happening at Kanilai, monster Jammeh what happened with vision 2016? Did you not say that by end of 2016 there will be no more importation of rice? Dictator Jammeh is so afraid now, he has given up farming. According to Kanilai DCC agent a lot of top government officials are grateful and thankful to the online newspapers for exposing the slavery that was taking place in Kanilai. They are now “ FREE” from farming, one success at a time.

Fellow Gambians, according to a reliable top DCC agent dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai bluffing that his informants in Dakar have infiltrated some of the Gambian groups and they are aware of all their plans. DCC cannot disclose everything but we are warning these groups to take this warning very seriously. Some of their members are directly or indirectly feeding monster Jammeh with all their activities. There is a reason why monster Jammeh is running between Banjul and Kanilai. Is he afraid, is he planning on how to counter the “imminent attack”, TIME WILL TELL? DCC can confirm to you that monster Jammeh is going to be arresting top security officers and will accuse them of working with the groups in Senegal. This is one of the reasons monster Jammeh sent a high profile security team to tour the entire nation and talk to all the soldiers that they should not be involved in any type of revolution. The CDS and other top officials visited all military and PIU installations telling them to desist from any form of trouble such as burning APRC bureau, petrol stations, etc. Monster Jammeh received the tour report and he is not happy with the army and it is just a matter of time but he will try to replace the entire army with PIU and that’s when ALL HELL WILL BREAK. According to a DCC agent at one of the barracks, the other message was that no one should deal with Saul Badjie which is too late, Saul Badjie remote controls all the military including even the PIU. Like we have said before, due to the uncertainty within the army and how the Gambians are feeling towards monster Jammeh, he will attempt to “POSTPONE” the election or he will create “CHAOS” so that the election will not take place, watch and see. Again DCC cannot mention any names but dictator Jammeh is blaming some people he pardoned to be responsible for all the troubles in the army. If you were pardoned by monster Jammeh and you are somewhere in the diaspora, watch out, you and your group have been infiltrated. Due to his informants dictator Jammeh has deployed the Navy around Khartong and Gunjur. DCC is warning Gambians to avoid APRC gathering, heed to this warning. Dictator Jammeh is receiving daily flash reports that there are rebels in the country and they are invincible.

Fellow Gambians in another developing news dictator Jammeh is so paranoid he is trying to convince the Jolas council of elders that they have to brace up and fight and defend their tribe. This is monster Jammeh at his best, he has sense that a majority of Jolas know who he is now and they are distancing themselves from monster Jammeh and he is worried. So now he thinks he can fool these people to stand with him and take up arms if necessary. The elders were not receptive of this idea and monster Jammeh is not happy. He commented that he made the Jolas who they are today and they are all abandoning him. Dictator Jammeh, it is the other way around, all these years you have been deceitful and have been lying to all Gambians and you have been fully expose and you have to pay the price.

One of the reasons dictator Jammeh is frequenting Kanilia is for his spiritual doctors to curse the former minister of interior Terminator Ousman Sonko so that he can go “MUTE” and not talk. Monster Jammeh has been informed that terminator Sonko has authentic audio recording of Jammeh issuing orders to kill people. This revelation has angered monster Jammeh and believes that the spiritual doctors can curse Sonko. Dictator Jammeh, it is too late, it’s true terminator Sonko recorded you so many times. Terminator Sonko played the game with you and he knows the game just like you, should you get a red or yellow card, you have been totally out smart and out done.

DCC can also confirm to you that a majority of Gambians are now complaining that one man (Jammeh) is destroying for everyone. And one young Gambian mentioned that it is Gambians who created monster Jammeh and now cannot control him. He has total disregard for human life and will continue to inflict pain to his people all the way to the last minute. No matter the human cost, he will try to stay in power. The good news is that the dictator has been exposed so much that the people are no longer believing the Jammehism ideology and distancing themselves from the monster. Dictator Jammeh is sick and suffering from messiah complex syndrome, he still thinks that he is sent by God and he is the demigod to lead the Gambians. We have a compliance army, but DCC can confirm to you that it’s changing. Dictator Jammeh is sending people to appeal to Mandikas that he is a man of peace and pretending to forget that not long time ago he mentioned that he will wipe out the Mandinka people. He is determined more than ever to stay in power. Monster Jammeh told close aides that it is better to be feared than to be loved. You know that it’s over, you can no longer feed the military, and they don’t have enough food. As we speak Gambians, there is no Gambian number plate for vehicles. When you pay, they give you receipt and tell you to write the number on your car with pen, there is no number plate. They are collecting the money and giving it to monster Jammeh and not serving the public.

On a last note, DCC is warning Njogu Bah, get out of the country, DCC state house agents know all the secret meetings you had with dictator Jammeh, you are power hungry but remember dictator Jammeh’s logic, if anyone knows too much, raise that person to the galaxies, bring them close to him then FINISH THEM, both you, pompous Momodou Sabally and the rest are being warned to abscond. Dictator Jammeh has a plan to take a lot of people down with him.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier 

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