The NIA attaché at Gamtel/Gamcel Lamin Njie has been implicated into to a “pay to play” corruption deal case at Gamcel after he Mr. Njie, reportedly received bribes from Gamcel officials linked to the missing D46 million dalasi case, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The incident occurred two years ago, in which  Gamcel’s Mustapha Conteh, Fatou Jammeh, former DGM Ramou Nyassi and co were involved in the procurement of a nonexistent 2G project, and wasted D46 million dalasi, on the failed project. Corrupt Gamcel officials have been embezzling part of the project’s money after buying the NIA officer attached to the Department.

Yanks“Where is the missing fie at Gamcel? What happen to the D46 million dalasi economic crime case against the aforementioned Gamcel officials? The NIA was in the picture. Few staff members were interrogated by the NIA. Lamin Njie, the NIA officer attached to Gamcel, was bribed to keep his mouth closed. The MD said he was not in the picture, meaning he never approved the 2G project,” said a Gamcel insider.

“The money was spent on a 2G, which is out of the market. This was spearheaded by Ramou Nyassi, the then DGM. One Fatou Jammeh, was the then Store Manager, and Mustapha Conteh, was the procurement manager. Mustapha is now the head of Finance. The then DGM Ramou Nyassi, was said to have spearheaded this alleged crime,” our source added.

According to our source, despite the state’s move not to reprimand the careless Gamcel officials for their reckless and corrupt practices, the company is still paying the suppliers of the 2G equipment project.

“Up till this hour, Gamcel is paying suppliers of this amount and the file of the 2G procurement is missing as Audit demanded it.  NIA officer Lamin Njie, interrogated Mustapha and Fatou Jammeh, but he refused to relate his findings to his bosses at the NIA. He was bribed by the corrupt managers of Gamcel to drop the case,” said an insider. 

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