There is a physiological warfare going on between dictator Yahya Jammeh and his trusted security aides ahead of the December polls, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh has been warned by his security surrogates to desist from public crowds and functions amid reports that there are some trained commandos in the country to have him arrested or harmed. For months, Jammeh has been in hiding. He is apparently avoiding making any physical contact with the public.

JAMMEH IS SICKOn the other hand, Jammeh is also strategizing having the Badjies, and others arrested and possibly jailed. The tension is very high at this hour. There is growing mistrust among the members of the security forces.

As reported by this medium, there are former soldiers, who have defected from the army. These are well trained soldiers. Some of the deserters are trained Commandos. Some even used to be part of Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the jungullars.  They are at large and determined to strike at any given time.

There are reports circulating within the NIA indicating that an attack is likely to take place now before or on  election day. The Kamfenda post attack was just what they called “guerrilla warfare hit and run tactics.” The attackers used green cars to assault the base. Hence, the dictator has decided to impose a temporal ban on green cars.

The men and women of The Gambia Armed Forces have been on standby for months. There is growing fatigue among the soldiers. Some of the soldiers have repeatedly complained about being tired, lack of food, and decent pay. That’s not good for any command set up.

Security analysts have attributed the low staff morale in the army due to lack of good incentives.  The analysts warned that the soldiers are vulnerable to defections.

One of the State Guard soldiers, who recently defected from the army and settled overseas said the average private soldier receives less than two thousand dalasi, which is about $50 US dollars a month. The poor pay has contribution to the high rate of defections from the army, he said.

The NIA is reporting that Jammeh has invested heavily on national security at the expense of the welfare of the soldiers, policemen, prison warden, civil servants, the country and her people.  The economy has been brought to its knees thanks to Jammeh’s misguided leadership.

The jungullars and commandos at large is worrying Jammeh to death. Yankuba Badjie was in Dakar to see how best he could use his assets in Dakar to infiltrate the dissidents. Yanks himself is complicit to what’s going on. His boys are at loose. He and Gen. Badjie encouraged the boys to leave the country.

What happened in Ivory Coast is likely to happen in The Gambia. The opposition is going to be backed by an outside force should Jammeh tries to rig the elections. Our neighbors are keenly monitoring developments.

Yahya Jammeh is very vulnerable in all fronts. He has burnt bridges with the very people he relied on in the security forces to protect him all these years.  He has also betrayed his country, and her people. Jammeh has rendered him as an isolationist.

The so called democratic process should be spared. Gambians should be allowed to vote the leader of their choice. Again, if Jammeh tries to steal the will of the people, he should brace up for the Ivorian type of political change. December, 2nd is going to define the future of The Gambia. We need ballots and not bullets.

In the absence of credible ballots, the recipe in most cases in Africa is bullets. And Gambians should refuse to be dragged to the gutters by Jammeh to resort to using bullets to effect change. We need democratic change. Power belongs to the people. You can take our arguments to the bank.  

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