Gambian human rights lawyer Assan Martin is our guest on Wednesday.  Mr. Martin and I will address burning political issues of the day. The lines will be open to the public.  Feel free to call and be part of the conversation. Gambia’s future squarely lies in the hands of the voters. Exercise your democratic rights to effect a meaningful political change.

Mr. Martin is a career Gambian human rights lawyer and activist. He is based in New York. He has been at the forefront of defending human rights and victims of human rights violations. He has represented litigants in The Gambia on pro-bono basis. Martin is an active member of The Gambian struggle. 

Freedom Radio Gambia will endeavor to report up-to-date, reliable, and balanced information now towards the elections. Count on us for timely breaking news stories, and political developments.

As usual, let us keep the conversation clean. No profanity will be allowed. Thanks for your attention.

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