Now that Momodou Alieu Bah (MA Bah), has been officially sworn in, as Gambia’s Interior Minister, the NIA is reporting that their boss Yankuba Badjie, is being investigated together with General Saul Badjie and co. Things doesn’t look good for the Badjies. A special secret task-force has been constituted by Jammeh to investigate the activities of the Badjie brothers. Pretty soon, there will be shakeup in the army and at the NIA.

ma-bah-sworn-inAccording to highly placed sources familiar with the story, dictator Jammeh has advised the Agency to keep Yanks Badjie out of the loop until the necessarily facts and evidence have been gathered before his imminent arrest. Both Gen. Badjie and Yankuba are on Jammeh’s radar. 

It has been brought to Jammeh’s attention that General Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, some of his close aides at the State House alerted the dismissed Interior Minister Ousman Sonko to escape from arrest. Ousman Sonko was aided to escape following an order issued by Jammeh for his arrest, our source close to secret task force tasked to probe and facilitate the arrest of the Badjie brothers has intimated.

Ousman Sonko, has long been planning for his safe exit route from the failed Jammeh system, but his sacking came as surprise to him, said our source. Both Yankuba Badjie and Gen. Badjie asked Sonko to get out of the country before the arresting team will reach his home.

“When Jammeh instructed General Badjie to order the NIA to effect the arrest of Ousman Sonko, Badjie delayed the order. General Badjie, Yankuba Badjie and Ousman Sonko are on the same boat. Badjie knew for a fact that the arrest of Sonko, will ultimately lead to his demise. Hence, he asked his boy Yankuba Badjie, the NIA DG, to warn Sonko to run before the NIA and jungullars get to his home. Sonko was on the phone with Gen. Badjie and Yankuba hours before his escape. The Badjies ensured that Sonko, has safely exited the country, before filtering Jammeh’s order to the NIA for Sonko to be arrested,” said our source.

“The NIA Operations Director and his men received the order late. By the time they reached Sonko’s home, he was already out of the country. Yankuba deliberately delayed the order for Sonko’s arrest. Both General Badjie and Yankuba coordinated Sonko’s escape. The NIA’s Operations Division returned to the agency, while looking stupid. They reported to their boss Yankuba Badjie that they have searched Mr. Sonko’s two homes and couldn’t find him. Yanks deceived his colleagues. He knew that Sonko was already in Senegal, at the time of the raid, and yet he sent his men to fetch for Sonko,” said our source.

The entire NIA Directorate were kept out of the loop. The NIA  learned about Sonko absconding when it was reported by the International media. Yanks Badjie pretended for few days. He wanted to make Leese Gomez, and co to believe that there was an intelligence failure on the side of the NIA, when he knew for a fact that he aided Sonko to escape, our source said. 

Yanks Badjie and General Badjie are running cells outside the country. Some of the escaped jungullars and bodyguards work for the Badjies. Badjie will never charge anyone of  the APRC bureau suspected arsonists. 

Sources have it that Yankuba Badjie is likely to abscond if General Badjie fails to arrest Jammeh now before the polls. Yanks has Swedish, Israel, and Swiss visas on his Service passport. He is in good standing. He spoke to Ousman Sonko on few occasions, following his escape. He can jump ship at any time. Time will tell.

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