The impoverished West African nation, The Gambia is at crossroads. Political tensions are mounting up ahead of the December, 1st Presidential elections. Members of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) have suffered casualties ahead of the polls. Two UDP members Solo Sandeng, and Solumah Korumah have been killed by Jammeh’s trigger happy torture machine soldiers. UDP women have been raped while under state custody.

jammeh newYet this is a country its opposition foolishly think they can win an election in the absence of a level playing field. Elections are hardly rigged on elections day. Events leading to the polls determines the freeness and fairness of the elections. You better get that The Gambian opposition.

Folks, the December elections have been rigged by Jammeh. As we speak, the ruling APRC, is buying voters cards in poverty stricken communities upcountry. The APRC has so far purchased close to three hundred thousand voters cards. Subtract that figure from the over nine hundred thousand voters purportedly registered by the rigged Independent Electoral Commission, the (IEC). Keep in mind that there are ghost voters on the IEC register, which the opposition is not challenging in court to have such nonexistent voters expunged from the IEC register.

In addition, The Gambia Armed Forces Command is collecting information about members of the security forces, who have registered with the IEC to vote in the coming polls. The ultimate goal is to intimidate and compel the police, the army, the NIA, Immigration, and prison wardens to vote for the incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh.

The NIA is also reporting that an unspecified number of voters cards have been found hidden at a neighboring country. The voters’ cards were reportedly burnt to ashes after been found in foreign land.  

The nation’s future is hanging on the balance. While the divided opposition is on its late minute unity call to form an alliance to challenge Jammeh, on the other hand, Jammeh has resorted to his old tricks of rigging elections. Jammeh is certain of victory come December 1st.

Not that the opposition is losing elections, the bottom line is that Jammeh is not relying on legitimate voters to be elected into office. That’s one of the reasons why he has been mean over Gambians all these years. Jammeh knew that legitimate Gambian voters will not elect him into office. He banks on non-Gambians, ghost voters, and the security forces to rig elections.

If Jammeh can collect the pensions of death workers, what is going to stop him from using death voters on the IEC register? Folks at the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation can shed light on what we are reporting here.

That said, it is imperative to note that an unexpected revolution might hit The Gambia now towards the elections or shortly after the elections. Jammeh’s attempts to cling onto power will woefully failed. Gambians will no doubt reclaim their country from this monster in coming weeks and months. The revolution is going to be an unprecedented one. It is going to be Tsunami revolution Gambia.

The opposition has proven to be insensitive to the plight of the suffering Gambians by virtue of their non-willingness to come together to form an alliance against the dictator. To those of you banking on an opposition merger, forget it. Egoism, greed, selfishness, lack of sincerity and trust is tearing The Gambian opposition apart.

Throughout history, political opposition hardly survives or thrives under nations being ruled by dictatorship. Dictators invest heavily on controlling the minds and hearts of its subjects. In the case of The Gambia, Jammeh has succeeded in killing vibrant opposition. He has closed all doors that will facilitate democratic change.

Finally, Gambia’s future is bleak under the circumstances. Twenty two years of Jammeh’s misrule has ushered an environment of hatred, mistrust, divisiveness, terror, massive underdevelopment, and failed state. If ballots do not remove Jammeh, what else do you think will remove him from power? What do you need Gambia: Ballots or bullets? Electing Jammeh is not the way forward for our retrogress country. The choice is yours Gambia.  We rest our case Gambia!

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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