Looking at the prevailing moral situation in the Gambia, there are three distinct types of electorates waiting to go to the polls.

Firstly, there are the hardcore Jammeh loyalists that come what may will vote Jammeh.

Secondly, there are the angry people ready to grind axe with Jammeh who will vote UDP.

Thirdly, there are the neutral peaceful people, who simply want to see change and have no axe to grind with anyone and these people will vote GDC.

The massive voter defections will hail from the APRC. These people have lost confidence with Jammeh’s brutal rule especially observed from 2011 to April 2016, as well as the dissatisfaction felt of the hard economic situation facing families across the country.

Some of these APRC voters will go to UDP because a family member, relative or kinsmen are affected by the brutalities of Jammeh especially in April 2016.

Many other APRC defectors will move away simply because they are dissatisfied with the way Jammeh mismanages the country and will go to the GDC for the hope of maintenance of peace and the avoidance of blind revenge incidents when change occurs. This group clearly constitutes the bulk of the APRC defectors.

In any case there will be no defectors from the opposition to the APRC.

What does the above scenarios means for the upcoming elections? It simply means UDP and GDC will emerged first and second ahead of the APRC in the upcoming elections. Any keen and neutral political observer will concur with the above fact.

In this case, it will be better for the rest of the opposition parties to rally with UDP or GDC, as one of them will emerge winner of upcoming the elections.

It is now very important for all the opposition parties, militants and sympathizers to adopt the common slogan ‘Vote against Jammeh’ and desist from attacking each other. Once this mindset is attained and used in all their campaign, rallies and meetings verily Jammeh will go in December.

I hereby suggest halting the contortions unity talks and letting the other parties to freely support the UDP or GDC candidates contest to unseat Jammeh from office peacefully and democratically.

One of the two will emerge victorious to the delight of the Gambians.

Legal experts know that an MOU is not a binding document for a future democratically elected president. Moreover, a transitional government only exist when there is a power vacuum in a country. A transitional government cannot exist after a democratic presidential election has taken place in a country.

Thank you for your attention.

Next I will dwell on the voting process.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang.

Editors note: The views of the author do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. We disagree with the author on his call for the parties to go on their own to challenge Jammeh in the coming polls. Such a view is not only divisive, but an affront to the ongoing efforts to bring the opposition together. Unity is the only way out as far as removing the dictator is concerned. Messages such as the UDP and GDC should go on their own ways to contest the elections, will only further compound the current opposition disintegration. No single party can make any meaningful political headway as far as the current rigged political dispensation is concerned. Thanks for your attention.

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