Independent candidate Presidential hopeful Isatou Touray, will not make it at the opposition meeting scheduled for Friday, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ms. Touray, and her entourage are touring the country today. They are heading out to Basse, where she and her delegation are supposed to convene a meeting, before proceeding to Bansang, and other Gambian villages.


The Freedom Newspaper was able to access Isatou’s Touray’s tour schedule. She has been scheduled to visit eighteen Gambian towns and villages. Her countrywide tour ends on October, 30th.

Dr. Touray is determined to see an end to her Presidential bid. She doesn’t look like a candidate, who would give up her Presidential aspiration anytime soon. Her tour will avail her with the opportunity to interact with rural Gambian voters ahead of the December, 1st polls.

According to sources close Isatou Touray’s campaign, the gender activist has received a resounding support from some disaporan activists. She has been encouraged to run for the Presidency as an Independent by the activists, sources said.

It is now evident that Dr. Touray will not attend the opposition ongoing meetings to form an alliance. She is overbooked with upcoming meeting schedules.

“Some parties might likely go into alliance with Isatou, if the proposed opposition talks fails. The NCP and two parities names (withheld) will likely sponsor her candidature as an Independent Presidential candidate. She wouldn’t waste her donor’s resources without having the assurances of some of the parties to back her up.  At the end of the day, Isatou is going to be backed by some of the dysfunctional parties to legitimize her candidature,” said our source.

“The opposition might end up not reaching a consensus on Friday. If that happens, the other registered parties partaking in the talks will embrace Isatou, and back her up as an independent candidate,” our source added.

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