A Gambian migrant, who once lived in Libya, and later migrated to Italy, has been on social media today debunking allegations that he conspired with some Libyan thugs to gunpoint and rob Gambian migrants in war ravaged nation of Libya. The young man, who goes with the street name T Boy, has been accused of holding Gambian migrants ransom together with some Libyan fascists. In some occasions, the migrants were exposed to torture and degrading treatment. Their captives wouldn’t release them unless their parents in The Gambia pay the thugs D90, 000.

t-boy-4T Boy, was seen holding guns during his stint in Libya. Allegations later surfaced on social media that he was part of gang of Libyan fascists, who attacked Gambian migrants in the streets of Libya.

In a two minute Facebook video, T Boy, vehemently denied the charges. He challenged his accusers to come forward or produce evidence linking him to the alleged spate of robberies against Gambian migrants in Libya.

“The allegations are completely false and unfounded. I have never robbed a Gambian, while living in Libya. The allegations are malicious. What happened was; I was with my “homies” at the home of a Libyan national. While there, we helped the Libyan to clean his room. I took pictures at his home by holding his guns. I even posted the pictures on my Facebook page, but Mum, upon seeing it she advised me to take it down,” T Boy explained.

“I have helped some many Gambians in Libya. For anyone to suggest that I support my parents from the proceeds of robbery, it is totally outrageous. I have been living a decent life. I know the people behind the circulation of my picture. The likes of Sankung and others are behind this blackmail. But it’s cool. I have been living in Italy for the past five months. I am here to work and support my parents. I never pray to live in Europe for the rest of my life or die here. I want to return home one day and contribute my quota to national development,” he added, while speaking in Wolof local dialect. 

For past hour or so, social media has been bombarded by audio messages of Gambians living in Libya, lamenting about the mistreatment they suffered in the hands of Libyan thugs. An unspecified number of Gambians have been imprisoned in Libya.  

Written By A Staff Writer 

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