Independent Candidate Isatou Jarra Touray, is likely going to be the winner of the Sunday, opposition convention, according to projections made by political analysts on the ground. The projection doesn’t represent the official outcome of the convention, the analysts said. The same analysts said they are convinced Ms. Touray is going to win the convention.

adama-and-isoOn the same vein, if Isatou Touray fails to win the convention, the next candidate projected to win is  Adama Barrow of the UDP. Mr. Barrow is the second prospective candidate to win the convention, analysts said.

The convention has been scheduled for Sunday, if all plans went well. Different opposition parties are taking part in the convention.

Adama Barrow is running on behalf of the main opposition United Democratic Party. Hamat Bah is representing the NRP, while Halifa Sallah is being backed by PDOIS. Isatou Touray, is running as an Independent.

The opposition UDP, has been faced with an internal wrangling and disagreement over the issue of flag bearer, following the jailing of their leader Ousainou Darboe. Some supporters on the ground are in full support of Adama Barrow, but at the same time, a section of the party welcomes Isatou Touray’s candidature, when she hit the political terrain some weeks ago.

Isatou Touray was hoping to have the backing of the UDP and the remaining existing opposition parties, when she first came up with the idea of running for the Presidency. Her emergence was widely seen as a premeditated move to fill the void within the UDP. But she was quick to dismiss such notion saying that she was not out to take over the opposition.

Five political parties taking part in the convention,  are likely going to throw their support behind Isatou Touray. Sunday’s results is going to surprise many, our source said.

If Isatou Touray wins the convention as projected, she is going to be the first Woman candidate to run for the Presidency. She is currently touring the country. 

Meanwhile ,the opposition GDC, has opted out of the proposed convention. The GDC refused to adopt the proposed document for convention on the grounds that the method employed for the convention was contrary to their party’s position. The GDC says it wants an open convention in which voters can decide who should lead the proposed alliance. 

Editors note: The projection above does not necessarily represent the official outcome of the convention. It is just a projection based on research conducted on the ground. Thanks for your attention.

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