GDC Response to selection process

I thank you all for taking your valuable time to discuss the future of our country in a way to reach a decision to form an opposition coalition for the 1st December 2016 Presidential election. The entire GDC Party and I know this is an issue about which our individual parties feel very strongly about.
The GDC Party on Friday 07th October 2016 presented its position. We clearly state that we prefer a GDC Party-led Coalition that we request all Opposition Political Parties to lend us their support lead us to victory. In our position paper, we reiterate our realisation that there is no single opposition party that can singularly defeat the incumbent at the moment due to the nature of electoral laws and the fragmented nature of the opposition parties. The GDC believe that through a Coalition, the Opposition candidate will appeal to a broader constituency beyond our individual bases and thereby mitigate the possibility of splitting the opposition vote to the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) party’s advantage.
The GDC Party have taken steps to review this proposal aimed at selecting a single candidate for the opposition. We have consulted extensively as a Party and have agreed to the principle. The Party is willing to accommodate the proposal by shifting our position in our national interest to assist us reach a decision of selecting a single candidate flag bearer. The Party is proposing these two conditions with an aim to test the candidates’ popularity and thereby selecting a sellable candidate.
1. That each participating Party fulfill IEC baseline conditions, for example, presenting 5000 eligible voters, and,

2. An open nationwide Primary to be voted by the electorate and not Party delegates.
I trust that our proposal will be given approval to lead us move to the next level.
Yours sincerely
Hon. Mamma Kandeh

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