Firstly, will the diaspora fund the campaign of the wining candidate in their conspiracy of candidate selection process? Nothing less than $300.000- are needed to conduct a formidable campaign against an incumbent who has every imaginable financial resources including the government machinery to conduct its campaign.

Be honest and answer the above question.

Secondly, the party delegates selection process in the MOU is subject to trade dealings amongst those parties that are not filing a candidate. Amongst them the following parties namely the PDOIS, the UDP, the GDC and the Independent candidate are the ones interested in filing a candidate. All other parties are prone to selling their delegates voting rights to the highest bidder.

Political Party Signatories are:
Gambia Moral Congress (GMC),
Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress (GPDP),
National Convention Party (NCP),
National Reconciliation Party (NRP),
People’s Democratic Organization for independence and Socialism (PDOIS),
People’s Progressive Party (PPP),
United Democratic Party (UDP) and
Independent Candidate (IC).

From the above list, it is obvious that the GMC, GPDP, NCP, NRP and the PPP will trade their votes to one of the aspiring four candidates. Here you have 70 delegates’ times 5 totaling 350 potential delegates ready for sale against 280 delegates for 4 candidates that will genuinely vote for their candidates.

Politics is a dirty game full of conspiracies; as such the above mentioned five political parties should not participate in the delegates selection process spelt in the MOU. PERIOD.

The leadership of GMC and GPDP are not on the ground and has not conducted any rally or meeting since 2011, they should therefore not participate. NRP has not conducted any rally since 2011 despite declaring their candidacy therefore should not participate. PPP has clearly said they will not have a candidate therefore they should not participate.

Let us clear these two huddles first namely the budget and the selection process before asking the GDC to come on board.

Thanks for your attention.

Written by Baboucarr Bojang.

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up does not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The author is seemingly looking for excuses to justify GDC’s failure to take part in a democratic convention process. This is not the time for blame game or excuses. We respect the author’s views, but at the same time, we expect any reasonable person to provide evidence to that effect before making such wild charges.  Thanks for your attention.

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